Thursday, May 05, 2005

Question Period

Scott Brison might just as well put on a tape and let it drone over and over.
Ann McLellan should shut up.
Jack Layton seems really subdued when he asks questions -- is he sorry? I think he realizes he's painted himself into a corner. He has to support a budget which, due to Liberal 'conditions' on the deal -- the policies that he had added on will never be implemented, even if it were to be passed.

The Liberals keep saying in the House that they have started civil proceedings against people in order to recover money stolen in Adscam --

-- What I want to know is why -- if WE have to wait for the Gomery Report to decide who's guilty, why did the government not wait for the Gomery Report to be sure who to sue, and for how much?

If Gomery is the only one who can provide the answers, why did the Liberal government jump the gun and start lawsuits?

The Liberals are certain 'these people' are guilty because they are positive this is going to get the money back. Yet 'these people' have not had their day in court -- the Liberal party has predetermined their guilt without benefit of Gomery.

Their skewed logic is getting tired. If people don't think they're corrupt, let's kick them out because they're getting really boring.



Ed said...

Note that Paul Martin didn't wait for Gomery before he fired Alphonse Gagliano...

King said...

Also, yesterday, Martin was using Gagliano disagreement with Guite's testimony as proof that he is innocent. Since when did Gagliano become Mr. Honesty. Wasn't he fired by Martin? Shouldn't he have waited for gomery before doing anything?
The Liberals' logic eats itself all the time.
R. King

Shane said...

Getting tired? It got tired about 9 years ago. Still waiting for Ontario to wake up from their persistent vegetative state and realize what is going on in Parliament.