Friday, March 10, 2017

Not my kind of conservative

Over the years, I have written about both my own personal values, and about Canadian values in general. On some of these issues, my position has changed, as has the party in power, at least twice since I started this blog. Regardless of which party was governing, I felt comfortable expressing my opinions.

Many of the posts linked to in that first sentence or so are lamenting the Liberal tendency to define Canadian values by what they themselves believe. I felt excluded. I felt vilified. It frustrated me that my own government could say that my beliefs on say, abortion or criminal sentencing or whatever -- were un-Canadian. While it bothered me that they might say that my view were un-Canadian, never once did I feel the need to change my opinion or hide from my belief system.

Leadership hopeful Kellie Leitch is tone deaf when it comes to the issue of immigration and values. Much as I believe we must be vigilant when granting citizenship, and I believe that terrorism is reason enough to strip citizenship from a new Canadian, some arbitrary, bureaucratic 'values' test that many Canadian born people might not pass, is insulting to all Canadians, and particularly to conservatives -- the people 'expected' to support such an asinine idea.

I can't stand PMJT. I think he's narrow minded, elitist, smug and stupid. I believe his policies and will damage the economy. I think  wrong headed on immigration. I believe he is self serving and foolish.

If Kellie Leitch were Conservative leader during the next election, I would vote for Justin.
If we must have an opponent in the seat of government, let him be one we can actually oppose and for whom we are not responsible.
                                                                                    Alexander Hamilton
Happily, it seems most conservatives agree. Now let's just hope Kevin O'Leary isn't made a serious candidate by the media the way Trump was in the US.