Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Libranos' Diversionary Tactics

The fuss over the 'Libranos' poster is a red herring. Tony Volpe isn't offended; he and his fellow Liberals probably wish they had something as wickedly funny about the Conservatives.

Volpe's meltdown was a perfect example of the Liberal media machine at work. Volpe goes on an over the top rant, in an attempt to snatch away the headlines from other, more disturbing issues dogging the Liberals as they fester on in an infected Parliament.

If proven, accusations by Inky Mark that he was approached by the Liberals with an offer of a patronage appointment to reduce Conservative numbers in the House, are potentially catastrophic for this ignoble mob.

What better way to take attention away from their own wrong-doing, than to start playing the race card?

Accusations of bigotry resonate with the public -- accusations of vote tampering are just another day in Ottawa under the Liberals.



Anonymous said...

What's funny about this whole thing is not Volpe's apology but his denial of associating the conservatives with the Klan. I listened to him today on CFRB say that he didn't even mention the Klan in his statement?

"Notwithstanding that they don't have their they don't have their cowl and their cape, the Klan looks like it's still very much alive."

I think Mr. Volpe suffers from the common affliction Liberalitis.


King said...

In my opinion, Volpe was totally out of line. Rahim Jaffer slammed him today in the House calling for his immediate resignation.
R. King

Canadi-anna said...

I watched that too. Jaffer is great in the House. Volpe was way out of line and the excuse that he was just 'responding to a racial slur' has gone unchallenged by the Conservatives. Not only was the poster not a racial slur, two MPs finding it funny is not a racial slur either.
The Liberals are still trying to make this about Italians, when really it's about crime, connections and influence.

The Mayor said...

The Mafia reference was wrong. However, if the Conservatives were talking about the Volpe Mafia family of Hamilton, you know, the murderous clan, then they would be right.