Monday, January 19, 2009

Speak your mind, but not on my time

Sid? Speak your mind. Go ahead -- quite frankly, I'd be surprised if anybody really cares what Sid Ryan, private citizen has to say about anything, let alone Israel. And go ahead, criticize Israel . . . condemn, boycott, write a letter to the editor -- but quit using CUPE as a pulpit.

I said much the same in 2006.

CUPE is not a private institution. It isn't like CAW, where people can say -- hey, I think they're idiots, I'm not buying their cars -- I'm forced to use the services provided by CUPE -- I can't boycott you.

Your membership is also hostage to the agenda 'voted' on in 2006 condemning Israel. What are they gonna do, quit their jobs? Even if they support Israel, their dues support an agenda that condemns it. Lucky them.

Private citizens are entitled to their opinions, even unions are entitled to vote and determine 'policy' with regard to political issues -- but CUPE is a PUBLIC SECTOR UNION. You should be serving the public, not pushing a political agenda. The public is a diverse entity. Members of the public who disagree with your stance, CUPE's stance, should not be compelled to do business with a government affiliate, hostile to their personal beliefs.