Monday, May 02, 2005

Private Abortion a Must - Liberal Sleight of Hand

Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh is cracking down on private health clinics -- well --- SOME private health clinics.

"For myself and Prime Minister Martin, it's very simple: We stand for public pay and public delivery and we will fight every inch of the way against the Harper, (Mike) Harris and (Preston) Manning agenda in this country,'' Dosanjh said to applause.

Last week, the Health Minister sent letters to Nova Scotia, Quebec, Alberta and B. C. warning them they would face consequences over the use of private diagnostic clinics .

New Brunswick got a letter of censure for refusal to cover the cost of abortions at Dr. Henry Morgentaler's private clinic in Fredericton.

Abortions are available in New Brunswick hospitals if two doctors have deemed it medically necessary. Those abortions are paid for by the province.

Don't dare set up a private clinic to serve Canadians who need MRIs or other diagnostic care -- that would be against the Canada Health Act -- It betrays the principles of our medicare system.

And should you choose to pull out your credit card and use a private diagnostic clinic rather than waiting 6 - 8 months in a government facilitated queue -- those privateers will win!

But go ahead an have an abortion at a private abortuary on the public dime.

In the Liberal dichotomous view of the world some "health care" warrants private delivery -- just not the kind that would save lives.

Minister Dosanjh has overstepped his authority in writing to New Brunswick at all. The service is available in New Brunswick -- end of story. How care is delivered within the framework of the public system is for the provinces to determine.

Provincial rights to determine which services will or will not be covered are at risk by the Health Minister's directive to New Brunswick .

And more galling -- he is advocating-- nay-- imposing-- provincial funding of a private clinic for abortions when public delivery of the same service is already in place.

While the Liberal mouth spouts one thing -- the Liberal hands are doing another.

How much more do people need to to see of this regime before they are 'scared' enough to cast their votes elsewhere?


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