Sunday, October 26, 2008

Never again

Never again. When you hear those words, it evokes an image doesn't it?

For me, the image is of holocaust survivors or soldiers. I've heard survivors say it defiantly and I've heard veterans utter it wistfully. It's meant as a call for humanity after a period of genocide, violent social upheaval, war. It's a stark, simple phrase that manages to conjure images of the brutality that mankind perpetrates on itself -- it is a reminder of carnage, it is a plea for change, it is a call for hope and a solemn promise to those who hear, that if enough of us believe those words, peace and freedom from oppression are possible.

Look who's co-opted the phrase and to whom they're referring.

Talk about classless. I thought Garth Turner was petulant and self-righteous. Boy, Stephane Dion makes Garth look positively humble and rational.

Character assassination? What did the Conservatives say about Stephane Dion but that his ideas were bad and that he wasn't a leader? Neither of these statements is subjective opinion-- Dion managed to prove that both were facts. And neither assertion attacks the man's character -- nope, but charges of 'liar' 'incompetent' 'cold' 'heartless' 'evil' 'quitter' 'mean' -- those are comments about character -- those charges and worse were made about Stephen Harper and either uttered or approved by Stephane Dion during the course of the campaign.

Poor Stephane -- not only is he a whining crybaby loser, he's also a myopic navel-gazing, hostile little bit of a man.

Oops. That was unkind. Maybe you should reach into your wallets and pull out some cash for the Liberals so that never again, will any Liberal leader ever have to face that kind of brutal, violent, shattering, soul destroying name-calling on a blog or anywhere else in this cruel world.