Monday, October 13, 2008

Election shocker: Harper not campaigning for the Liberals

In the latest of many shocking developments on the campaign trail, it has come to light that Stephen Harper is not championing the Liberal cause as things come down to the wire:

"Today, he (Harper) will tour the country and he will not say a word about the Liberal tax cuts for families," Mr. Dion told an early morning rally at the headquarters of Fredericton candidate David Innes.

Can you believe it? The audacity of the Conservative Party leader -- not mentioning a Liberal promise. You'd almost think Harper supports the Conservative platform rather than the Liberal one. Unthinkable.

Not only that. Stephane Dion has it on good authority that Stephen Harper is either a clever ventriloquist or has the ability to speak to reporters with his mind:

"He will be mute today and he will continue to lie about the Liberal climate-change plan," Mr. Dion said. For the past couple of days, Mr. Harper has stopped scrumming with the reporters travelling with him.

Neat party trick, that -- lying while mute.

It's astounding that the press treats Dion's every utterance as though it is both credible and news.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

One more reason not to vote Liberal

Ooops. They got him! Stephen Harper is offically human.
Um, Liberal war room? The differences between Mr. Harper's flub and Mr. Dion's meltdown are astronomical.
First, Harper didn't ask for a do-over. He misspoke and moved on.
Second, you were able to figure out what Harper meant to say. Even the Liberal war room has no clue what Dion was trying to say in that interview.
Third, even you concede that the average family has benefitted by $3,000 thanks to the Harper government. That's not chump change to the average household. Do you think we like the idea of that cash being clawed back through an onerous carbon tax imposed by the new Red-Green regime?
Thank you Liberal war room, for pointing out yet another reason not to vote for Stephane Dion and his band of merry taxers.
Liberals -- always there for you -- with their hands out.