Sunday, January 29, 2017

None is too many ... again

The first concentration camp became operational in 1937. At least three more were opened for business over the next two years. If Germany had stayed within its own borders, then the arrest, detention and subsequent extermination of Jews would have been a domestic issue of no concern to the international community.

We know this is true because in the years leading up to WWII, the world community was given countless warnings, witnessed the abominable treatment of Jews and had ample time and opportunity to step up. With a few exceptions, the international community's answer was to close the doors to Jewish immigration.

For those who are willing to give Trump a pass on his EO because it's America's business:
NO. This is what they meant about 'never again' and 'those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.' This... this is the time when those sayings are relevant.

For those who say not to get hysterical because it's 'temporary':
NO. It was also sudden and without warning... an election promise to handle an issue is not the same as making a proclamation and having people's lives stand still.

For those who say that Obama picked the countries and Trump just followed through:
NO. I know he wants to prove he has yuge hands, but a sweeping ban (albeit and lately clarified) is not reasoned and not helpful to the security of your nation. While I don't believe it will create more terrorists (those so inclined need no excuses) I believe those already inclined will now have more 'justification' and 'rationalization' for their insanity and that might end up in escalation.

For those who say that it isn't actually a #MuslimBan because there are other religions affected:
NO. You know who he meant. It doesn't matter if you feel Trudeau and Obama unfairly excluded Christians. This should make you even more mad because Christians are still affected.

For those of you who say they're savages who brought it on themselves:
NO. The people affected by this have been vetted, are residents, hold green cards, have family. I live within walking distance of three mosques so please don't tell me I'm being na├»ve.

For those who say that Saudi Arabia and its ilk take in no refugees:
YES and is that who you aspire to be?

For those of you saying that it's only right to want to secure your borders:
YES. But this wasn't the way to go. For sure put a temporary halt to new refugee claims, rethink the vetting system, do what you need to do to feel safe--- but don't say while people are awaiting their flights, or have already boarded their planes, or have gone on vacation for a couple of weeks ... they won't be welcomed in when they land. That's just insanity.

We all want a safe world. Making it unsafe and unsettling for some of its most vulnerable populations is never going to be ok with me.

For those of you who say condemnation of Trump is long do you wait before you call out a tyrant?