Thursday, May 05, 2005

Accused, disgraced, disgraceful . . . yet they stay

Sometimes I think the Liberal's using Scott Brison as their mouthpiece as a shaming tactic. They value loyalty, and he is disloyal.

Or maybe it's an initiation rite. In order to be a Liberal you have to stand and betray your own history, deny any shred of your former belief system, act as though these fellows have always been your heroes, and swallow any integrity you ever had -- once you've kissed up enough, and knowingly lied to the point where your credibility is shot should you ever try to leave -- then, and only then are you allowed to join the 'in' group.

I look into Brison's face during question period, or when he's interviewed and it almost looks like he's trying not to laugh when he's defending the dirt. Most times he sounds like a trained seal, barking out the Liberal line of doublespeak. You'd almost think he was born Liberal, he's got it down so well.

Tonight on television when he was saying the PM had absolutely nothing to do with this (like Brison would know) he actually looked edgy.

I wonder if he'll keep a straight face tomorrow when he stands up to defend Martin.

I wonder how team Martin will find a way to turn this around.

As you watch the coverage, it's obvious the networks are all trying to be careful. By this time tomorrow, will it even be a blip on the radar?

A couple of the things I've written about this week (the Health Minister wanting New Brunswick to fund abortions at the Morgentaler private clinic, and Alberta lawyer, John Gill, having been appointed a judge early this year by Irwin Cotler, after having had an important role on the Liberal campaign in Alberta during last year's election) I looked for them to be discussed more indepth in the media, but there is just so much sleeze oozing from the Liberals, that important things just get a tiny write-up or no play at all because no one can keep track.

There isn't a Liberal MP who isn't tainted by this mess because of their willingness to hold their ground and defend their PM and party. How can they defend the indefensible and walk around as though they have been wronged? Why is the Liberal party not bleeding members and MPs?

I used to think it was just politics that made the Liberals seem so arrogant -- now I believe that it is arrogance which calls people to the Liberal party.



Anonymous said...

Brison would be funny if it wasn't so sad. One issue with a party stance of same sex marriage and he becomes as sleazy as every other Liberal.

But I concur with your analysis, until he has been house broken he won't be in the Liberal elite.


49erDweet said...

Excellent call, CA. I believe that it is arrogance which calls people to the Liberal party.

And if they wish to deny their arrogance, then MSs answer - it is a mental disorder - is all that remains. Or I should say, "is left".

Canadi-anna said...

Dweet, how come you don't have a blog?