Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Marchers message wasn't 'Peace'

This demonstration took place in Britain over the weekend. Police estimate over 20,000 people attended (organizers put the number at 100,000.)

Apparently, they're "ALL HIZBULLAH" now.
One wonders if those holding those signs understand the nature of the cause they're endorsing.

The URLs on the sign lead you to the Islamic Human Rights Commission and Innovative Minds, an anti-Zionist / anti-(US) imperialism organization.

On their website, the IHRC calls for:
and supports the national demonstration this coming Saturday (5th August) calling for an unconditional and immediate Israeli ceasefire in Lebanon and Gaza, as well as an end to US and British support for Israel’s terror.
Note that a ceasefire is only demanded of Israel -- apparently Hezbollah can continue bombing till all the Jews are dead.

This demonstration follows one held July 22 which was called:
Demonstration Against Israeli atrocities in Lebanon and Palestine
I suppose this one was in anticipation of the 'massacres' which had yet to occur.
StopWar called it the International Day of Action Against Israeli Aggression. These rallies were held in cities around the world and across Canada.

At this weekend's demonstration, Stop the War spokesman John Rees said:
"Their (the British government's) silence is permitting mass murder in Lebanon by the Israeli forces. Look at the casualties: it's eight to one".
The gut reaction to that ratio is to imagine David (Hezbollah) vs Goliath (Israel) but the reality is that it's only Israel's restraint that has kept the ratio so low. If Israel fought the way Hezbollah does, by targeting civilians, the death toll would be in the tens of thousands and the ratio would reflect that.

The ratio would be more even too, if Hezbollah protected Lebanese civilians, instead of hiding amongst them.

If ratios of deaths are the issue, then why aren't these protesters demanding that Lebanon and Hezbollah start protecting their civilian populations, instead of using them as tools of propaganda?

Similar demonstrations took place here in Canada:
Some carried placards in support of Hezbollah and the group's leader Hassan Nasrallah, and others chanted "Vive Hezbollah."
These demonstration could have simply called for peace. They didn't. Their demands for a ceasefire could have been directed toward both Israel and Hezbollah. They weren't.
Instead it called for a unilateral ceasefire. This wasn't an anti-war march, it was a call for Israel to surrender and leave its fate to an intractible enemy. How comforting for Hezbollah to know that many in the west support their cause.