Thursday, May 03, 2007

What now?

So the Official Languages committee has grilled Bob Nicholson. Now what?

Besides embarrassing themselves, and trying to disparage Shane Doan, the committee has even challenged the integrity of the NHL by suggesting the investigation into the alleged incident was inadequate. But now that they've aired their grievances, what did they accomplish? What did they hope to accomplish?

I have no link to confirm, but as I listened to Leafs Lunch this afternoon, twice they said that one of the questions posed to Hockey Canada reps was 'how many players on Team Canada speak French?'

If this was actually asked, one has to wonder if it is a harbinger of political interference yet to come.


MP Mike Lake -- an endangered species?

I have to hope that MPs are forced by some sort of protocol to bring all petitions before the House, no matter how bizarre -- because if this guy is standing by this one . . .

Protect Bigfoot as Species at Risk

He wants the sasquatch -- a.k.a. Bigfoot -- to be protected under Canada's Species at Risk Act. A petition to the House of Commons, signed by almost 500 of Lake's constituents in Edmonton and due for debate next week, asks the government "to establish immediate, comprehensive legislation to effect immediate protection of Bigfoot."

The petition was tabled in the House on March 28th. They're even reporting on it in the UK (scroll down to near the bottom).

Between the Shane Doan thing and this, you just have to wonder if something happens to people when they become elected officials -- like do they really have to check their brains at the door.

Oh well, at least he's acting on behalf of a constituent. All the MPs in a tizzy over Shane Doan haven't presented one bit of evidence that his captaincy bothers anyone but the most politically correct, small-minded people in Canada - namely those particular MPs.

UPDATE: Darcy shows Lake has a sense of humour about this.


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Chasing Stanley -- sorta

My 14 year old son has entered CBC's "Bringing Home the Cup" contest.
This is the obligatory plug from mom. We don't have a video camera, so the kids used the digital. It wasn't until after it was filmed they realized there was no sound, hence the audio notice.

Anglican Church wimps out again

The Anglican Church of Canada is so afraid of making up its mind that it's become paralyzed.

Rather than just taking a stand and saying 'yes' or 'no' to the blessing of same-sex unions, the church is tossing some crumbs to its gay membership, while I suppose it's waiting for the stodgy old bigots in the Canadian communion to roll over and die.

While we disagree on what the final outcome should be, Chris Ambidge, a spokesperson for the gay Anglican group Integrity Canada, says situation is incredibly frustrating and reveals a lack of leadership among the bishops.

He's absolutely right. Three more years of study is not going to change scripture or reveal any undiscovered theological arguments one way or the other. The church is trying to play both sides of the issue and it's a nasty game.

I'm against same-sex marriage and same-sex blessings, which I view as fundamentally the same thing -- but I'd rather the Church come to a resolution and deal with the fallout. The endless 'study' around this issue is like a festering sore.

No one is served by this ongoing wishy-washy approach. While it might be a complex issue, it is one that needs a definitive answer. The Bishops are unwilling to take the risk of action and they have failed both sides.

If the Anglican Church of Canada is afraid of losing members from the 'losing' side when they finally make a decision, they should realize that with their faltering rhetoric and hesitant concessions they risk losing members on both sides.

Vacillating so as to appear thoughtful and reasoned is neither sensitive nor pragmatic. It simply creates deeper divisions. No one believes they don't know where they stand -- they just need to get on with it or many of us will not be members of the Anglican Church when this next three years of 'discussion' are up.


We'll cheer if we want to

Only in Canada would there be a Parliamentary Committee inquiry into an alleged 'racial insult' that supposedly occurred at a professional hockey game almost two years ago.

MPs say that because Hockey Canada receives federal funding, they have a right to haul in the officials who had the audacity to name Shane Doan the Captain of Team Canada.

Do you know what Shane Doan is alleged to have said? I've always figured it was something really rude and vile. Something that would cut a Frenchman to the quick. Here's what he's alleged to have said:
"F... French did a good job.'"
For this, he shouldn't be Captain? For this a Parliamentary Committee -- is this Afghan torture stuff even going to a Parliamentary Committee? Who's running the show up there in Ottawa?

Even if he did say it -- where's the hate? Where's the racism?

"Try imagining for two seconds that an NHL player would say something like that about an anglophone, or anyone else. I'm sure Hockey Canada and the Canadian government would demand an explanation. Why not for francophones?" says Marcel Proulx, Liberal MP.

Try as I might, I can't imagine the pain of someone saying something so terrible and insulting as: "F***ing (insert ethnic/gender group here) did a good job." How does that poor linesman get out of bed in the morning knowing someone has denigrated his race to this extent. How can we as Canadians live with ourselves knowing that this nasty mouth is going unchecked into international competition.

And the Conservatives on the committee voted along with these idiots. Shame.

Funny those Quebec MPs can't let go of this. Could it be because Shane Doan is from Alberta? Maybe it's Quebec MPs with anti-Alberta sentiments, unwilling to accept the NHL investigation which cleared Doan because Doan is from out west. Silly? No sillier than questioning the captaincy of our Team while the tournament is in progress. This was addressed at the 2006 Olympics when MPs were offended that Doan was allowed to play at all. They were wrong then. They are wrong now.

These MPs have stretched their authority under the pretext of 'accountability' because the Team receives federal funds. Do they insist on looking into who is hired at Bombardier because it receives so much public dough?

Jack Layton says 'it (the selection of Doan as Captain) is taking away from the enthusiasm everyone wants to have.'

No Jack. Most of us are don't need parliamentary approval to cheer for our team. You idiots on the Hill seem to think you've got to be the final arbiter of every single thing in our lives --- LEAVE HOCKEY ALONE!!!

Go Canada Go!

As a PS -- why are they allowed to hold a Parliamentary Committee on something that's before the courts (Doan sued Denis Coderre who counter sued)?