Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Dear Stephen,

There's no doubt in my mind that you can run a government . . . an election campaign . . . not so much. Don't mind me saying, a man who doesn't learn from his mistakes is making another mistake. Three times you've tried it your way and maybe you think fourth time's a charm. I'm thinking not.

The news link up top caught my attention. I don't believe for a minute that you've ordered your campaign people to toss out non-supporters at events. That kind of minutia is just not your turf when you're out there stumping . . . you're quoted in the piece as saying:
"Staff runs our campaigns and I can't comment on individual matters like that.''
Sorry Stephen, not good enough.

First, why were your staffers checking out people's Facebooks before they came in to hear you speak? I think that's creepy and I'm one of your supporters.

Second, your reaction to this very, very bad situation should not have been so blithe. You should find out who these girls were and invite them to talk with you personally . . . not only would it be a grand gesture, it would be the right thing to do.

Third, you should not fire the dorks who stopped them. You should give proper direction to those handling your campaign that you'd rather be disrupted by hecklers than by *their* stupidity.

You seem to have lightened up over the past few years and it suits you. It would serve you well to suggest your staffers do the same.

Finally, I hope you quit finding molehills to trip over, but when you do, remember that only you can make a misstep better--- not by shrugging it off like it was nothing --- because it wasn't *nothing* to those young women -- but by saying *wow, I didn't know that happened. I'd really like to make things right . . . * and then doing something to show you mean it.

Stephen, I've always thought you were the best man for the job, but the job is about more than just policy and platforms -- it's about people. You know it . . . so don't leave it to some staffer when things go wrong.