Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Disproportionate response

Politics these days is such a laugh riot, that I've decided to write about something of a more serious nature:

The NHL suspended that idiot Sean Avery -- indefinitely -- for the sin of slagging his ex-girlfriends, who are now dating other NHLers:
(t)he Dallas Stars forward made inappropriate comments toward Calgary defenceman Dion Phaneuf and his girlfriend, Canadian actress Elisha Cuthbert.

The remarks got Avery suspended indefinitely, and he must now travel to New York for a hearing with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman at 10:30 a.m. ET Thursday, where he could face further discipline.

Oh-oh. Inappropriate comments. That's really bad. Someone's gotta stop him!

Compare that with Montreal's Tom Kostopoulos, who back in mid-November, was suspended for a whopping three games for a vicious hit from behind on Mike Van Ryn. Van Ryn suffered a concussion, several broken teeth, a broken nose and a broken hand and is out until early January at the earliest.

So boys, remember -- sticks and blind hits can break the other guy's bones and might get you sat for a couple of games -- but name-calling some chick who's dating a guy on the other team? That's gonna cost you big time.


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

30 days of post -election consultations and Dion found his way to power

Does anybody have their Dion to English dictionary handy?

I thought I heard him say:
"Mr. Speaker Every member of this house has received a mandate from the people to deliver a government that will face the economic crisis. The PM has failed, he does not have the support of this house anymore."
Does that mean if he -- as newly self-appointed Prime Minister -- can't produce a budget and positive fiscal results before January 27th, that he will have failed -- because if he can't do that before January 27th -- he will have had as much time as Prime Minister as Harper has had in this session of Parliament and decidedly less of a mandate.

Creating political instability and economic uncertainty in order to attain power is cynical at best. While the rules of our parliamentary democracy allow for such an undertaking, the flaccid reasoning behind this attempted coup are not nearly urgent enough to overturn the results of an election not yet seven weeks past, where Parliament has been in session for less than a month.

I guess this is what Dion meant when he said he would consult for 30 days after the election -- only -- most of us thought if would be IF he became Prime Minister, not IN ORDER TO BECOME Prime Minister.

Silly Stephane, tricks are for kids. You're screwing with our country. Grow up. You lost. Get over it.


Monday, December 01, 2008

Who's the Boss?

I don't give a damn where they sit -- with a veto on government business until 2011 - who's calling the shots?

Comfort yourself by listening to the BS if you like -- the Bloc is not part of the coalition -- they will not sit in government -- they ARE the bloody government when they have the numbers to assert control -- and they do. Jack Layton has sold his soul on the pretense that a few Cabinet seats will give him 'power'. Nice guy Dion, gets the title and the Rt. Hon. attached to his name and of course, the Liberals will not risk political uncertainty come the Spring and they'll reaffirm the puppet as PM in order to maintain their dubious claim to 'government.'

The Bloc is the only winner in this. They serve the interests of Quebec only and thanks to the Liberals and the NDP - those are the interests your taxes will be serving for the next three years.

Welcome to Canada, Prime Minister Duceppe. Monsieur Dion? I think you'd better put on some clothes.


All you can do is shake your head

The Bloc as part of a governing coalition.

The Bloc Quebecois, as part of government?

A separatist party, taking a significant and powerful role in forming policy for all of Canada?

And no Liberals or NDPers see a problem with this?

Even if you hate Stephen Harper -- even if you are still amongst the few ignorant people who 'fear' Stephen Harper -- you have to see how very wrong this is.

It is one thing for opposition parties, including the Bloc to work to bring down the government -- it is entirely another for the the opposition, including the Bloc to sit AS government. For those who don't see the difference -- I suggest you are letting your partisan slip show.

Please, don't remind me that most of the people who voted, didn't vote for Harper -- I am aware of that already -- but I remind you, most of the people who voted in previous elections didn't vote for most of the PMs we've had in recent history -- that never mattered until now.

This is your country and a group of mercenary, power hungry, myopic despots are hijacking it in the name of -- in the name of -- what?


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Too bad

It's almost sad that the Tories didn't have the guts to stick it out and allow the pig-three to form a coalition government. Would have been mighty interesting having Ignatieff and Rae and Layton explain how they could, in good conscience, allow the Bloc to actually be part of forming government.

Besides, there is so much in-fighting in the Liberal Party, they can barely function themselves, let alone hold it together with two other power hungry, divisive parties.

Too bad Harper blinked.