Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Liberals Selling Judgeships in Alberta?

The NDP defeated a motion to bring a non-confidence vote to the House -- this despite their questions about a lawyer who received a judgeship six months after helping the Liberals run their campaign in Alberta.

The Calgary Sun says:

John Gill, appointed to the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta by Justice Minister Irwin Cotler in January, served as the Liberal party's Alberta campaign co-chair for the 2004 election. The NDP worries that allegations of political interference in the judiciary - that have so far focused on Quebec - are reaching across the country.

According the SUN, NDP MP Pat Martin says Gill's former law firm -- McCuaig Desrochers of Edmonton, also received "lucrative" aboriginal land claim contracts worth hundreds of thousands of federal dollars.

Knowing these allegations and the obvious appearance of judgeships for sale, the NDP had no trouble choosing influence over ethics. They have voted down a motion in the Public Accounts Committee which would have borought a non-confidence motion to the House.

The NDP might have conned a lot of people into believing they were only trying to make Parliament work -- but power has proven more alluring than principle. They have no more scruples than their partners in crime.



the monarchist said...

I'm just beside myself when it comes to these criminal clowns who are running our country.

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Canadianna.

Canadi-anna said...

Thanks for the welcome. It's nice to be in the company of like-minded people for a change.