Friday, May 06, 2005

The Liberal Message

Title link is to a column by Michael Harris of the Ottawa Sun.

Harris talks about the violation of public trust:

If the policeman steals, the doctor harms, the banker pilfers, the game warden poaches, or the priest abuses, they are subject to much more than the sanctions of the law. The fundamental reality is that they can't be policemen, doctors, bankers, game wardens, or priests anymore. The fountainhead of their authority, the public trust that willingly transfers special powers to these people, has been betrayed.

Martin isn't lying when he says he didn't know about Adscam and the lot. But I also believe it was a 'don't ask, don't tell' arrangement, therefore he should be held accountable by voters. He has not been, and likely will not be, punished for his involvement or his 'lack of vigilance'. If we re-elect this government, we will be providing the means and opportunity for continued breach of public trust, and the burden of guilt will shift from them, to us.

After the last election, media reported that the Liberals had been chastened. Paul Martin said that he viewed his minority showing as a 'message' and that he and his party had 'got the message'.

In that time, Martin has made controversial senate appointments, ignored committee and parliamentary votes on various issues, approved at least one questionable judicial appointment, pushed ahead with dishonest same-sex marriage legislation (it doesn't matter which side of the issue you're on -- the bill as written does not protect religious freedoms for churches or individuals), he had to have his arm twisted on the Atlantic Accord (and still refused to put it in stand-alone legislation which could have been passed by now), and he manipulated the public when he bartered the budget in a deal he knows will never have to be implemented.

No one goes to the polls voting for a minority government. When we cast our ballots, each of us hopes our Party wins. The only message of the last election was that millions of Canadians are fine with the corrupt Liberal version of 'business as usual'.

The Liberals got the message.



Anonymous said...

it's sad and frustrating that the message was recieved with a minority and the crooked bastards weren't thrown out of the house on their collective ears (as you'd expect).

The CPC has to concentrate on their own platform whilst waiting to overthrow the grits or when the time comes the moonbats vote Liberal and we get stuck with a craptastic majority that continues with the 'corrupt' business as usual.

Good Post


Canadi-anna said...

I'm getting frustrated with Harper going on about 'honouring' the Liberal's deals. He has to make his own policy and his own plans. If he keeps promising to make good on Martin's promises he's following someone else's agenda.