Saturday, March 09, 2019

Just another one who got it wrong

Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes says when she met with PMJT to discuss leaving politics, she was "met with hostility", but we all know she got it wrong:

Matt Pascuzzo, a spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office, said, “The Prime Minister has deep respect for Celina Caesar-Chavannes. There’s no question the conversations in February were emotional, but there was absolutely no hostility. As the Prime Minister said yesterday, he is committed to fostering an environment where ministers, caucus, and staff feel comfortable approaching him when they have concerns or disagreements – that happened here.”
So there it is again -- another silly woman who just experienced things differently.

You know, I sort of villified Julia Lalonde, the consultant who gave them that mantra about people "experiencing things differently". It isn't that it can't be true. It is true often -- but what bothered me is that the Trudeau government has used it as a shield, rather than gaining insight from it.

Having read a little more about Ms Lalonde, I realize that when she told that to the fellas, her expectation was that they would understand that men and women DO experience things differently -- that yelling, or even elevated voices, insistance on one's own way, even if done politely, persistent communication about something that is uncomfortable -- those things might be typical male behaviour, and to the man, be innocuous, business-as-usual handling of affairs -- but to the woman, (or evern to other men) it might feel like harassment or intimidation.

I used to think Ms Lalonde was handing them an excuse -- now I realize -- she was saying: check your behaviour, guys! She was telling them -- in all of your interactions, DON'T DO THOSE THINGS. I don't think she meant to say it was okay for them to behave in a manner that might to some be uncomfortable, and the women simply took it wrong -- I think she meant for the men she was teaching to grasp that they needed to  learn to moderate their behaviour, not because women are fragile, but because we come from a different perspective - one where men in particular often try to force, bully, pressure, intimidate.

She was saying -- be careful -- you don't want your words and actions to be misinterpreted.

Instead, the men of the Trudeau governement have grabbed onto those words "we experienced things differently" and used them to skewer the women in their lives -- they've simply decided what they've said and done was A-OK, the woman just had the wrong point of view -- no need to self examine, no need to ever better oneself, one's reactions, one's conversation or persuation skills, when a man can simply say the other person (obviously) feels differently about the interaction, and BOOM, done.

The scary part is, that Trudeau used this line in a physical accusation -- what sort of message does that send?

I've no doubt Ms Caesar-Chavannes experienced those encounters differently from Mr. Trudeau. He still hasn't learned that it's incumbent on him to behave in such a manner that it CANNOT be misinterpreted.

But he has so little self-awareness, he really thinks it's everyone else's fault.


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