Tuesday, March 12, 2019

PMJT is no ordinary guy

Although we keep getting news on the repercussions of the SNC-Lavalin affair, I honestly don't see it affecting the PM's chance at re-election.

He seems to have weathered the storm, mostly by just doing what he always does, which is saying a bunch of nothing.

There have been suggestions that without Gerald Butts in the PMO, that going forward with be hard for PMJT, but Butts didn't die. He resigned. As this scandal slowly recedes from the public interest, you don't think Gerry will be back there, advising his friend, even if in a non-official role? Who's to say he won't be re-hired. He did nothing wrong. He's spoken 'his truth'. A couple of weeks from now, they could slide him back in and who's going to challenge it?

The biggest concern to me as we move toward October's election, is that much as Trudeau doesn't deserve to be PM, I don't think Sheer does either. Lisa Riatt? Her I could get behind. Sheer does have a good team, but as the face of the party, he's just really bland and uninspiring. His attacks on Trudeau seem desperate rather than poised and reasoned -- even if they are well deserved.

The cult of personality got Trudeau elected. It wasn't his progressive agenda. People don't really believe the promises politicians make anyway. It was that 'star quality', and while it's lost a lot of its luster, I think people already knew he was stupid and didn't care. The question is, will it matter to them how poorly he's treated the people surrounding him, because that, more than the scandals and missteps, is where he's fallen the most. He had put himself on such a pedestal, and he's toppled off soundly.

Just seeing the bits and pieces of his public personality -- the time he elbowed the NDP MP in the chest in the House of Commons because he felt compelled to drag a Conservative MP to his place, his name-calling, his reported temper in private ... there are a lot of personal behaviours that smack of the spoiled little rich boy not ever wanting to be challenged, and not being able to deal with not having his own way. Some of them bubble to the surface and he seems unable to control them.

I think the only way the Conservatives win the next election is to exploit that, but wild demands of resignation, exaggerated outrage and petitions won't do that. Trudeau's temper comes not when he's full out besieged or insulted or attacked -- but rather when he's resentful, spurned or impeded in any way.

Here's hoping the opposition has learned a little bit about his psychology, rather than applying tactics that might cause regular people to feel shame or blame or contrition.



Martin said...

I agree with most of your analysis while sincerely hoping you are wrong about the coming election. I agree that Trudeau was elected simply on the basis of personality and a bit of family name, but I would hope Canadians had their fill of that and would be looking for sober, quiet competence, the blander the better. I decry the idea that leaders should inspire voters, and demonstrate charisma, the last thing I expect from a politician would be these qualities. It could be that I am inspired out as far as politicians are concerned, but I look to other individuals for inspiration.

Scheer has a good team, a huge advantage over the Liberals and would make a satisfactory chairman of the board. I really wish for an administration not in the media news every day, and a PM intent on managing Canada's affairs, not making social media headlines. I am probably a minority, but a government focusing on fiscal management, gdp, trade, defense, resource development, would find a lot of support from many Canadians.

Anonymous said...

"I think the only way the Conservatives win the next election is to exploit that ..."
If by "that" you mean exploit those personality traits that are the opposite of Trudeau's vaunted "sunny ways" then I think he may win another majority.

Let's face it, most people, especially those who pay little attention to the political scene, don't like a barrage of negativity and personal attacks. Using them against Trudeau would only help confirm what he has already stated, that the upcoming election would be among the nastiest, full of personal attacks against him (boo hoo!).

IMO, the Conservatives need to concentrate on policy, on how to improve an already pretty good country. And small-c conservatives need to seriously consider the effect of either staying home come election day because the CPC leader is not conservative enough for them or supporting a party that has no hope of becoming the government.
-- Gabby in QC

Canadianna said...

Martin, I agree totally, but people are seduced by charm. It takes work to look past persona to the person. Someone like Sheer comes off not only as bland, but ineffective. It's not fair maybe, but perception is important.

Hi Gabby, by 'exploit' I actually meant that they should let the circumstances where Trudeau exposes his own Achilles heel play out without all the jumping around and pointing 'see! see what he did?!'. I hate the negativity. It's a real turn off. The calls for resignation, this new petition -- it's all gimmicky and stupid. I think Trudeau outs himself most when *not* baited. He needs to be left to his own devices to do his own stupidity. It's painful to watch the CPC. I'd rather they step back, be dignified and patient and calmly watch when Trudeau displays his true self, and let the media take him down (which they've been doing lately).

The CPC should just be standing back and letting the show play out. Drawing attention to themselves to let everyone know they notice the bad behaviour isn't helpful. It's cringy and will backfire.

dmorris said...

"Sheer does have a good team, but as the face of the party, he's just really bland and uninspiring."

And,once again a CPC supporter can't even spell Scheer's name correctly.That's NOT meant to be an insult,as I believe it's a reflection of how uninspired the base really is.

Image today is everything,actually it always was,just presented differently. Trump was elected on image and the ability to make a passionate speech that resonated with the voters,same can be said of Obama. Trudeau fakes passion fairly well,like the grade "C" actor he is.

It is most unfortunate for conservatives or even blue liberals that the CPC chose Scheer, and while the Party tries to rally 'round the Leader,it DOES have an air of desperation. The PM /PMO is currently involved in an issue that should soundly defeat this government, but the public hasn't responded yet,due to weak leadership in both Opposition Parties.

We can only hope further machinations by guilty Liberal operators will finally convince the voters to make a change. Right now it doesn't look promising.

Canadianna said...

Honestly, dmorris, part of it is because he's uninspiring, but I tend towards very poor spelling anyway-- and you know what? I actually googled his name before I wrote because I used to have a teach, Mr. Shear, and I wanted to be sure -- but then I forgot the 'c' anyway lol.

As for the rest of what you've said, spot on. I think the Liberals are just waiting for this to fade away, and I think it will. Everything else has. When people stop responding to it, what else is there to say? With every scandal, there just comes this fevered pitch and then it's like ........