Friday, March 08, 2019

This government is vile

You have to read Brad Wall's column in the National Post.

This government is vile.

I remember non-conservatives weeping and wailing about how Stephen Harper was divisive, going to change our country and destroy our institutions, but Stephen Harper's Canada felt little different from Paul Martin's or Jean Chretien's or Brian Mulroney's (which often made me angry). In terms of our basic understanding of who we were and how things worked, the change seemed uneventful. It wasn't perfect. I had my disappointments in the Conservative reign, but Canada was Canada.

Much as I didn't like the Liberals of back then-- I thought they were smug and arrogant and entitled -- they were also sane rational people with a realistic view of the world and our country. I might have disagreed with their politics and policies -- often found fault with them in fact, but I didn't feel their way of governing was going to careen the country out of control to a point where the damage might be irreparable.

Not so this government --- This government has all of the arrogance and entitlement, with none of the smarts. It is so divisive, so uncontrolled, unmeasured, so sure of itself without actually knowing anything at all. It's basing our future on unproven ideologies and the whims of the day.

They support one region over another, time and time again. With its rigid ideological stances, there is no room for concessions, conciliation, cooperation -- it's all -- my way or the highway and that's in all areas - environment, justice -- you name it. They all hinge on that wildly extremist view of climate change, race and gender.

Sad thing is ... they told us all this before they were voted in.



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