Thursday, March 07, 2019

Erosion of Trust

So that's the new talking point.

Yesterday, Gerry Butts parroted PMJT's oft said - two people can experience the same event differently, which means: she's a liar, but I'm not saying that.

This tactic is useful when the 'truth' is up for debate - an unrecorded conversation for example. It gives you leave to imply someone is a liar. And the cool thing about implying things, rather than saying things, is that you get to act hurt when the other person gives detailed accusations -- you can be shocked, feel betrayed, seem confused -- because you were experiencing all of the interactions differently, and you aren't actually saying anything mean about them, but look how they are attacking you! There are no facts. Family squabble that this silly bitch brought out into the light. Just don't get it. Poor us.

But isn't it funny that Trudeau had to wait until after he knew what Butts said before he could comment. And isn't it remarkable how identical their stories are?

This morning PMJT parroted Butts' line from yesterday about 'eroding trust'. Both men took responsibility for not having realized earlier that 'trust was eroded' but both implied that it only happened when/because Jody Wilson-Raybould was bumped from AG. Which means: We did nothing wrong. She just took it wrong. But only after we had to do what we had to do for purely noble reasons and remove her from the role of AG.

So she's a vindictive liar, but they never said that.

And they'll take all the blame.

Heroes both.

You wonder why there aren't more women in politics?



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