Wednesday, March 06, 2019

No need to say the word

So, to sum it up: her won't call her a big fat liar, but everything she said was wrong, and she didn't bother to make any of it up until she lost her prized appointment as AG.

She was also arrogant, because she refused to take advice from eminent jurists on a matter of 'public policy' regarding a new law, because she felt she'd done her due diligence, which, according to Mr. Butts, who told us many times he's not a lawyer -- either she didn't have time to make an informed decision, or the decision could be made (according to him) at any time up until the verdict (which doesn't make sense to me, but... I too am not a lawyer).

She was also selfish, because she wouldn't take the role of Minister of Indigenous Services after being bumped from AG. (Gerald acknowledges that she's spent her life fighting the Indian Act, the last thing she'd ever want to do is be the minister in charge of it -- something that 'didn't occur to him' before her refusal of the post.) They just needed the best person for the job, for such an important portfolio -- so when she refused, they accommodated, gave her Veterans Affairs, and they put in the incomparable Seamus O'Regan to that vital position.

It's so good of him not to cast aspersions.

As we all know because the Liberals have all summoned the exact same line many, many, many times, just as Gerald did today -- two people can experience the same event differently. I wouldn't go anywhere with any of them without a tape recorder.

For someone who was not going to 'call names' he did everything but. If he is telling the truth, if he is credible at all -- she isn't. Which means she is a liar. Which means she concocted this story after the fact, or decided that what was just business as usual for the Liberals was actually political interference after they turfed her from her role as AG... but at least he didn't call names.

No doubt when Trudeau sachets back into the PMO in October, Gerry will be high in his team, and next time, they'll do a better job of picking the right women and of keeping them in their place.

I've never heard such double-talk so eloquently spoken. He's a master. You gotta give the man that.

But here's a conspiracy theory -- my previous post proves that Wilson-Raybould was not free to speak about anything that happened AFTER her removal from AG.

So --- you demote a Minister who isn't playing ball, but you don't want it to look like that, so what do you do? You give them a token role in a ministry you've played up but failed at. Given her race, everyone would think you were doing the right thing for Indigenous people, but when she refuses it based on principle - as you might have guessed she would given her history -- now you have evidence of sour grapes, not a team player, and, you also have the ability to gag her on the terms of the role until after your side has had the chance to announce that shocking revelation to the country.

PMJT isn't that smart, but listening to Gerald today, he is.

He wonders why she didn't come forward in September, October, November, December -- I'll tell you why -- if she'd blown the whistle any of the times when she felt pressured, it would have been -- look you still have your job... and now that she doesn't, it's getting called sour grapes.

What a smarmy, calculating, manipulate bunch of liars.

And sadly, I'm pretty sure a lot of people will just lap it right up.

But Seamus O'Regan? When you wanted the best person for the job? Apparently that bit was bullshit for sure.



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