Friday, January 06, 2006

Give us your red Tories, your soft NDP & your Green

Here is the text of the new Liberal ad featuring Ujall Dosanj and David Emerson -- Get the Job Done:

BC is booming. We'll work hard to keep it that way.
We're leading the Canadian economy in job growth.
Defending charter rights for minorities and investing in child care.
And Paul Martin is standing up to the Americans to get the right deal for BC on softwood lumber.
The fact is British Columbia's interests count in Ottawa like they never have before.
There's much more to do with your support we'll get the job done.
Did the Liberal ad really say that?

"The fact is British Columbia's interests count in Ottawa like they never have before."

Well there you go, British Columbia -- looks like you're in.

How can they do this with a straight face? I know different ads play to different provinces because of their diverse needs -- but this comes out and says -- 'hey, you haven't been strategically significant until now -- but suddenly it seems we need you and guess what, we're really going to listen to you this time.'

Of course that's if the Tories' Quebec numbers keep moving up and the Libs keep dropping like a stone. Strike another one for the party of national unity.

Maybe I'm just being picky.



Shane said...

Don't sweat it. Ujjal Dosanjh - everyone here knows who he is - an ex-NDP Premier who did more to ruin this province's economy that anyone else with the exception of his predecessors. The federal Liberals are not responsible for BC's resurgent economy the provincial "liberals" who are really more right than left - are.

Peter Thurley said...

"who did more to ruin this province's economy that anyone else with the exception of his predecessors."

A somewhat misleading comment, as it indicates he was the worst - except he is better than any premier before him. To me, that sounds as if he were the best premier B.C. ever had ;)

As a former Brisitsh Columbian and an NDP supporter. Dosanjh did the best job of all of the NDP Premiers that we had. Unfortunately, his NDP predecessors did some stupid things, mainly getting involved in scandals. It wasn't that they did horrible things for British Columbia, (they did many awesome things for B.C.) it is that they were involved in too many extra-curricular scandal-like financial deals. And trust me, Gordon Campbell is on thin ice himself. Only because the provincial NDP had poor leadership was it unable to recoveer quickly enough from the 2001 elections to take back seats in 2005. There is no centrist party in B.C. On a right wing party (the Liberals) and a left wing party (the NDP).

If Dosanjh had been the first NDP premier rather than the last, things would have been much different. But alas, he is now a Liberal...

Candace said...

Ujjal is an idiot, IMHO. He was when he was premier and he's even moreso now as Health Minister. To stand up & call Ralph Klein on the carpet for privatized healthcare when down the street from him (maybe even in his riding, I'm not there to check anymore) a new private clinic opens up? We don't have those in Alberta (to my knowledge, anyway). Any medical treatment I or my daughter requires is covered by my healthcare card, which is all I care about.

Justthinkin said...

Funny how these nutbars take credit for something they didn't do, but refuse to take it for the screw-ups. "You know the West is booming because of us, not because we stole over 2 1/2 billion and still counting.Vote us back in, and after we stop stealing your money,it'll really boom. Okay. We won't stop stealing your money.We'll just hide it better next time".

Derek Richards said...

What the hell did Ujjal do for BC then or now?


Conservatives 41% in BC

Still waiting for the big BC scandal to break any day now. Durg Money to federal Liberals, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Remeber the RCMP raid on the Legislature? Wonder why Christy Clark didn't run again? Should be fun.

American Flag Toilet Paper said...

Whatever one says about the Liberals, kudos to them for getting concessions on softwood. The job's not over, but at least it has begun

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