Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Paul Didn't Call

Michael at The Blue Maple Leaf gives a good account of Harper's questioning of the Prime Minister during Question Period today. Harper was really able to pin him down and Martin looked foolish trying to climb out of the quicksand.

Another interesting question came from Gilles Duceppe. The Prime Minister had just said, more than once in reply to Harper's questions, that: Grewal approached, no offer was made -- an offer was solicited, the member from North-Delta asked for rewards but no deal was made. Duceppe got up, and it looked like he was uncertain that he was going to be given the floor. He had already asked his questions near the beginning of QP and this was closer to the end.

He said to the PM (and obviously, I am paraphrasing a translator): You have just stated (the above). You say now that you knew that Grewal approached, you knew that he asked for some consideration in exchange for crossing the floor -- it is against Section 119 of the criminal code for an individual to ask for something in exchange for his vote, and yet you didn't call the RCMP when you knew this crime had been committed. Why did the Prime Minister not call the RCMP?

Of course, Martin didn't stand up. Anne McLellan got up and went on and on and on about how if anyone knew about a crime they should report it, and if the member knows about a crime of course he should go to the RCMP . . . blah, blah, blah.



bob said...

I wonder if Annie was screeching as usual (or at least as described to me by Candace from Edmonton, whom I've been trying to convince to start her own blog -- her comments when she leaves 'em are always quite good).

Les Mackenzie said...

I can't remember what Annie sounds like - I always hit the mute button when she stands up (or soothe myself with nails across a chalkboard).

Martin pulled the same shit when Harper verbally spanked him too with Valeri the weasel.

ndp nadine said...

Two independent experts say Linda Tripp II doctored the tapes. When will the flying circus of the Conservative party just give it a rest?

Canadi-anna said...

Independant engineers at a local radio station, listening to tapes that have been uploaded onto the internet. Yup. You're right. We should apologize to Paul and the gang on their say so.
Your leader is pushing for an investigation because he thinks the whole thing is dodgy ---- but not quite dodgy enough to refrain from voting with an ethically bankrupt government in order to score a few points -- it can't be for money for all the poor people -- because there are so many conditions on that deal it ain't worth the napkin it was written on.

Canadi-anna said...

Anne doesn't know how to speak. That squeal of hers is just jarring.
Bob -- I've read Candace's comments on several blogs, and I also hope she'll start a blog of her own.
And Les, good idea about the mute button -- but even when she's just sitting and cheering on her collegues, she's brutal.

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