Tuesday, May 31, 2005

'Alleged' Transcripts

So now the transcripts are 'alleged transcripts'

That's what Anne McLellan started shouting during Question Period, and I wonder now if that will be the slant the Libs will take. Will they begin to doubt the authenticity of these tapes -- or the accuracy of the transcripts?

The delay by the Conservatives in releasing these tapes gives rise to these sorts of accusations.

That said, what we have heard and read seems credible.

Paul Martin's 'I don't know anything, and we didn't do anything' defense is getting worn.
When is this going to explode?
I remember back in the 90's when David Peterson was ousted from Ontario, and when the Conservatives were tossed in 1993. Where is the rancor and bitterness that existed back then for what were far less egregious behaviours?

The media called the shots back then too, and the difference is, the media is still willing to give Martin a pass.



Mark said...

Heard it on the way home (CBC radio): the Liberals want the original tapes themselves so they can make their own interpretation. Ujjal Dosange(sp?) believes Grewal left out important parts.


Raging Ranter said...

It never will explode. The media is not going to allow this to become a big story. They're still referring to the tapes as "alleged", as though there is doubt about whether the conversation even took place. The obvious bribery attempt is presented by the media as a "he said/she said" scenario, where the Conservatives said one thing, and the Liberals said another, both with equal validity. The fact that the tapes clearly show the Libs willing to "do a deal" is not even acknowledged. The Liberals have spun the focus onto the question of who approached who, as though that even matters. And of course, the media has followed the Liberal lead.

bob said...

Was Annie screeching?