Sunday, May 29, 2005

Martin's Dirty Work

I've been thinking a lot about this 'Christian Activist' thing in the Globe. It's carefully worded, but it's a controversial piece because of its subject matter. Religion - politics. It's a tricky subject. I started to feel bad about giving Gloria Galloway a hard time. It might have been poor judgement to offend a whole segment of society, but certainly there couldn't have been a political motivation -- it's not like she's one of those 'Liberal cheerleaders' Harper dislikes so much.

I was doing a search for something else, and I came across this-- I'd forgotten all about it.
Do you remember this from last year:

CTV -- May. 8 2004 11:13 PM ET

Liberal MPs shocked by party's election tactic
Canadian Press
OTTAWA — . . . (devout) Liberal MPs were horrified to discover their party last month commissioned a pre-election poll asking Ontarians if they'd be more or less likely to vote for the Conservatives if they knew the party had been "taken over by evangelical Christians."

It took an extra year, but they finally managed to get the word out on this. I wonder did they pay Galloway for sniffing out this scoop, or was it on the promise of some future consideration. Senate? Not senate.

Naw, some people don't even need inducement to show lack of principle.



Derek Richards said...

I was wondering if the Liberals take their cue from the Globe or Vis-Versa.

It goes both ways I quess. I'd sure like to get my hands on some phone records.

Mentally Challenged said...

Canadianna: A very good post as usual
(among the ones I have read, but I haven't had time to read them all)!

"Religion - politics. It's a tricky subject.":
So true a statement, and in so many ways. Take blogging for instance. A casual reading of some of my political posts, would lead some to think perhaps that I hate Liberals.

I don't hate anybody, it just happens that at the moment I am politically bashing the Federal Liberal Political Party of Canada. If I had been a blogger the last time the Conservative Party of Canada formed the Federal Government, which I wasn't, I would have been politically bashing the Federal Conservative Party of Canada. I don't think I would have been alone in Canada though, my recollection of a certain election was that there were two Conservative members of Pariament left after it was over.

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The above paragraphs, along with a personal life I have that doesn't involve blogging, accounts for why you, in effect, wondered where I have been for a while.

Warwick said...

I'm very surprised that story made it to press. They usually don't.

As we know, after that story ran the Liberals stepped it up and it worked. The other MSM outlets didn't let blatent hypocracy get in their way.

Mark said...

Damn, Canadianna, I had forgotten about this. Thanks for the reminder.