Saturday, May 21, 2005

Material Girl / Criminal Stupidity

The lack of humility demonstrated by the Liberals after their 'win' Thursday night is front page of the Toronto Star today. Ottawa Bureau Chief Susan Delacourt:

Victory dance comes too soon
Liberals boogie to mark budget vote
Party slow to learn lesson in humility
Partying Liberals were treated Thursday night to the incredible sight of Belinda Stronach, Canada's new human resources minister, and Tim Murphy, the Prime Minister's chief of staff, dancing atop a speaker at an Ottawa bar.

The tune? "Material Girl," by Madonna.
The lyrics to that song include these memorable words:
"Some boys kiss me, some boys hug me, I think they're OK
If they don't give me proper credit, I just walk away.
They can beg and they can plead,
but they can't see the light.
That's right,
'cause the boy with the cold hard cash is always Mr. Right"

Delacourt goes on to say: Stronach, of course, was not promised cash in exchange for her spectacular defection from the Conservative benches this week. And it could be argued that she had to move left, politically, to find Mr. Right.

Delacourt's analysis here brushes off the questionable motivations of Stronach's sudden enlightenment. Though she brings to light this unfortunate display of arrogance, this statement dismisses the fact that there are considerations beyond 'cash', which are more valuable and coveted by someone of Stronach's wealth.

* * * * *

CTV and the Globe are reporting that Gilles Duceppe and Jack Layton are calling on the RCMP to investigate Liberal attempts to buy the budget vote. The Libs of course, are denying any wrong-doing, despite the damning Grewal tapes.

The irony is, they'd already bought the vote when they paid Stronach with a cabinet post, but because a cabinet post is within parliament, it isn't illegal.

If the Liberals hadn't been so greedy to make the Conservatives look bad by having some abstainers, no one would have noticed beyond calling Belinda a traitor. After the Belinda double-cross, the Libs already knew they had theconfidence vote sewn up, which is why they didn't suggest Grewal take a seat opposite. This was really an attempt to make it look like anyone and everyone was fleeing the Conservative position -- and you can't do that if it looks like too many people are suddenly 'converted' to the cult-Liberal.



MindKnives said...

That's crazy. I can't imagine seeing Belinda doing that. And I really can't imagine a club or a bar still plays Madonna. It just shows that resigned demeanor in front the cameras probably isn't how she really felt. She said it was a very hard decision to leave the party, but clearly it wasn't. Too bad for Peter. I'm sure he wasn't dancing.
It would be nice if Labradorians would see how arrogant the Liberals have become and elected the tory candidate. Not likely though.

Canadi-anna said...

Makes you wonder why they have cameras on cell phones if nobody bothered to take a picture.

Mentally Challenged said...


Have you seen the comments for "Either
Orrs'" Friday post "I don't believe I read what I just read" then my Saturday Libranos News post? And in exactly that order. They are
fascinating to put it mildly.

left town for good said...

Thanks for dropping over to my blog to defend the people who are calling Belinda Stronach a bitch, a slut and a cunt against sexism. We're going to have to disagree on that one.

Canadi-anna said...

Please don't use foul language on my blog to display your righteous indignation, Peter.
You invited people to 'help you understand' why Conservatives weren't scary. You asked a question you didn't want an answer to, and you're miffed that I had the audacity to challenge your opinion.
I just realized -- you didn't want input, you were trying to show off -- 'I'm to clever to identify with the unenlightened conservative - help me!'
Differ with me all you want, Peter -- but you might have noticed that I didn't use foul language on your blog or about her - nor did I defend those who did -- I simply pointed out that certain words, in politics, are gender neutral.
I said in your comments that there are trogs in both parties, Peter. Your coming over here and putting your filthy words on my blog proves my point.
Maybe you think you're being clever with your snide 'thank you' but if you don't want people to 'help you understand' something, then don't ask.
I know this is probably pretty uppity of me, but I don't need a man to tell me which words I should find offensive. I told you which ones I believe to be acceptable in the political arena, and I told you I thought some people went over the mark. In a blog -- my blog -- the words you used are completely inappropriate.
No where in your own blog did you use that kind of disgusting language -- you saved the bile for mine.
By the way, it was my daughter, checking out my page, who first saw your comment. She's eleven. Thanks.

pale said...

Hi. Mr small "l" did the same thing on my blog. Small minded indeed!

left town for good said...

For the record, all of the words I used on my comment are on my blog, on the post you commented on, before you commented, with the links to the Blogging Tories who posted them.

For the record, it was my daughter who is seventeen, who - when she and her friends expressed their indignation that a woman in politics is treated differently than a man, when they said that they wondered why a woman, especially an attractive woman, especially a blonde woman had the guts to enter politics - inspired me to write that post.

Canadi-anna said...

Peter, I did a search of your post and the 'c' word was not used -- and that's the word to which I'm referring. If it's there and I missed it, it doesn't change the fact that I didn't put it there -- you did.

Rather than letting your daughter believe that crude words and comments towards women are the exclusive domain of conservatives, you might have made an effort to point out:

in 1997, Liberal Minister Doug Young, responding to a question from Reform MP Deb Grey about government pork-barreling, shot back across the House of Commons, 'Well, there's more than a slab of bacon talking over there.'

And lest she think only women are victims of verbal slurs, you might have pointed out that back in January of 2002, Canadian Alliance MP, Joe Peschisolido, of Richmond B.C. defected to the Liberals. Peschisolido only got to be a parliamentary secretary, but his former Alliance caucus mate, James Moore of Port Moody, Coquitlam and Port-Coquitlam accused him of prostituting himself.

Moore wrote a note which was made public "I was greatly disappointed to learn of your decision to join the Liberal party of Canada ... In the end it will serve to remind Canadians that politics is the second-oldest profession, and that from time to time, through actions such as yours, it bears a striking resemblance to the first."

There are countless cases of men in politics being called whores and prostitutes, and being mocked in other more personal ways.

What about 'scary' Stephen Harper. He has kids, too. How does that make them feel.

What about Stockwell Day? He was ridiculed for his religion.

Instead of playing into your daughter's prejudices about fragile, attractive, young, blond women, you should have educated her that men and women are often targets of personal smears, by people of all political stripes. Some go too far and use language that says more about the commenter, than about the subject of the slur.
And as for Belinda having guts . . . it doesn't take guts to go into politics when you are wealthy and well-connected. It takes guts to stand by your principles, and Belinda Stronach does not appear to have any.
I notice you didn't apologise, but then you can't see what you did wrong, can you.
No. I don't want an answer -- hence the lack of question mark.

bob said...

1. Belinda dances while Canada burns. How fitting.
2. Your patience with Left Town is admirable. I doubt I'd have had nearly as much self-restraint.
Cheers. You probly could use 'em.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Mr. peter with a small "l" has "left town for good" and has shut down his blog.

So much for Liberal integrity - I guess he does not want to stand behind his comments.


Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to all the progressive bloggers calling you blogging whories? I guess they've already forgotten about that now? Funny that.