Thursday, May 19, 2005

MacKay's Heartbreak Still Headlines?

After a tape like we heard last night -- in what other country in the world -- would the lead headlines be about the Conservative deputy party leader's broken heart?

Whether the tapes are good for the Conservatives, or damning to both parties -- these tapes should be the top story everywhere.

CFRB's Bill Carroll, not a fan of the Liberals by an means, suggested this morning that the best thing that could happen for the country would be for the budget to pass, for Stephen Harper to step down from the Conservative Party, and for an election to be called after Gomery. How does the media turn this from another Liberal scandal, to a call for the CONSERVATIVE party leader to resign? Because Belinda showed she hasn't the loyalty to follow, that translates into 'Stephen Harper can't lead' ?

What is wrong with this country? It doesn't matter who was buying, who was selling, who approached whom, or if 'specific' terms were agreed upon. These tapes bring the whole political process into disrepute -- and the government has no morality -- let alone moral authority -- to continue in this sham of a parliament.

The media is deflecting the importance of this tape, by leading their newscasts and headlines with talk about MacKay's hurt feelings and Chuck Cadman's office being inundated with bogus phone calls, and Belinda Stronach having to take verbal slurs (none of which appeared to have come from any Conservative MPs by the way, although from the reporting of it, the way the media just says 'Conservative Bob Runciman' or a 'Conservative from Alberta' without adding the tag that these are MPPs or MLAs -- not federal Tories.)

What do they have to do?

How can people not be outraged by the way this story is being played down? How can anyone justify the focus on the Conservative reaction to the Stronach affair, rather than the duplicity it reveals? Why is this tape not being played constantly and commented on incessantly in the news despite the fact it was released well within the news cycle?

Whether it explicitly proves attempts to buy or sell this parliament -- this should be bigger news.

Small Dead Animals is right. This is Bananada.



BLUE705 said...

I don't think it's an accident. They do it on purpose. In the last 48 hours:
*there was a 15,000 strong demonastration on Parliament Hill demanding Martin resign and call an election--not covered by media

*Gomery announced gov't officials went unpunished for their actions,

*Shelia Fraiser said an additional 800 million worth of government constracts are now questionable

*a Liberal Cabinet Minister is reported to have taken $180,000.00 in commission by an ad agency that paid him to get sponsorship money they used to made a film aired only in China

*There are tapes and accusations that point to bribery in the government (doesn't matter by the way who starts it--if offers are made to influence MP votes than it's illegal).

All this is going on and the media focuses on the inane and silly. I want an election.

VW said...

The Grewal tapes were in fact the lead item on CBC Radio this morning.

Thing to remember: newspapers like the National Post have an early deadline for their first edition, and papers with a national scope only publish once daily. It takes about 3 hours to assemble all the pieces for stories, features, regional advertising, etc., then papers have to be printed and delivered before 6 am in all time zones. The Grewal tape caught the tail end of yesterday's news cycle, so it's showing up today.

For instant news, one should not rely on the papers, but go for either TV/Radio (such as Newsnet) or the websites.

Canadi-anna said...

I agree. But I've been watching CBC off and on all day, and listening to the radio, and everyone keeps saying 'well, this is the way things work' and 'they're all the same anyway' and that it's a he-said/he-said situation.
No one seems to be taking it seriously.

bob said...

Dishonesty. It's the Librano way.
Oh, Canada, I stand and mourn for thee.
Cheers and thanks.