Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bloc-head Belinda

The editorial in the Toronto Sun today points out something I've thought about, but found too obvious to state. Seeing it in black and white, really clarifies the line of BS Stronach was spouting when she decided to take her courageous leap to power:

Think about how absurd Martin's (and Stronach's) logic is.
This is a minority parliament. The only way the Liberals can ever be defeated is if the Bloc and the Conservatives combine forces to bring them down. What Martin is really saying is that even a Liberal minority government must never be defeated -- because any attempt to do so would be allying with separatists.

Having it put that plainly accentuates how biased toward the Liberals most of the mainstream media is. This accusation about 'being in bed with the separatists' has been around since the night Paul Martin went on TV. You know it's rubbish, but not once have I seen this put out there as plainly as the SUN put it today.



Mentally Challenged said...

Good Post!

Right to the point and true.
I also like the headline in the

P.M loves B.S.

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MindKnives said...

That's exactly true. In Harper's speech after the budget vote just now, he spoke in French noting how the only Quebec MPs who voted against corruption were sovereigntists. I noticed the pundits on Radio-Canada made the point too. Martin's relying on faded memories to preserve his government in 10 months time, along with no doubt billions in more announcements.
It's wishful thinking I think because the BQ is very grassroots, and they're already doorknocking and will continue for the next months to offset any potential Liberal buying spree.
Harper made a good plea in solid French to federalists to vote Conservative. It would good if it works.

Canadi-anna said...

Conservatives need to do some door knocking too.