Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Belinda Stronach -- Sold! To the Highest Bidder

Was Belinda EVER a Conservative?

Had Stronach made this move over 'principle' it would have been made immediately after the caucus meeting where the Conservatives unanimously agreed to attempt to bring down the government. What she did that night was set the bait. She let the Liberals know she was on the fence and waited for them to throw the bone.

The move has been described by some as 'gutsy' and 'courageous'. Ms Stronach is a self-important billionairess, who has daddy's money and a career in his corporation to fall back on should this blow up in her face.

A gutsy woman would have stood as an independent, or joined the Liberals as a humble back-bencher to work her way up in the party. But a woman of Belinda's class (the wealthy, governing elite) could accept no less than a plum Cabinet Post.

I wonder how the lowly Liberal backbenchers are feeling today.

This is no great loss for the Conservative Party, and no great gain for the Liberals. She was hesitant and lackluster in Question Period, and fell short of expectations.

Rona Ambrose and Diane Albonzy outshone her in the House and she was weak in comparison. And perhaps this was truly the issue. Belinda wasn't the brightest or the prettiest woman in the Party. She likely believed that if she couldn't be leader, she would at least be the most important Conservative woman, but her lack of vision and her weak intellect meant that wasn't the case. Money doesn't buy aptitude.

Belinda Stronach is a shining example of opportunism, self-interest, and power-lust --- she'll fit right in with the Liberals.



Toronto Tory said...

I'm really not as pissed about this as I would expect to be - I think because it's been so obvious for so long that she's a Liberal...

1) She has no ideas
2) She lied a lot in her leadership campaign.


Toronto Tory said...
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bob said...

Belinda obviously fell victim to Librano-itis. See my post for details.
Cheers in return (though it may not be as cheery a day as we'd like)

Matthew said...

My prediciton:

polls slum for the next few days, but rebound once we all get back to the real issues!

McGuire said...

As someone who believed in her & thought she would make a great leader, I feel embarressed for being duped & really hurt by what this despicable bitch did to our party.

Adam Welsh said...

Indeed it must have felt odd for this billionaire to be sitting as an opposition MP. Belinda will be HRDC min in charge of all the EI and such. I can't really see her talking to unemployed fishermen or farmers or some bum on the street in her 4000 dollar Gucci suits. Oh well, good riddance.
It really annoys me how indifferent or ignorant people are about the Liberal corruption, and Belinda and Paul said they were going to clean it up. Do they think we were born yesterday?
I've visited several blogs by westerners today and they're ticked at this Ontario stupidity. People have to wake up to the fact that we as Ontarians are endangering the future of Canada if we continue to support Liberals. Anyone got any suggestions? Certainly we can't rely on the media.
I really hope my Liberal MP, that idiot Susan Kadis comes to my door, she'll get an earful :)