Wednesday, March 13, 2019

This is where it gets tricky

So the Liberals did what Liberals do, and have adjourned the Justice Committee until next week, budget day -- so they can ponder 'next steps' and bury their vote behind budget coverage.

This is where Sheer needs to remain calm and not get all accusy and irrational.

He should not be making demands or acting indignant.... he should simply say that the Liberals are behaving in a manner to which we've become accustomed over time. This new ilk brings with it the old ways. Anyway, we trust that one way or another, the truth will out as it always does.

Poise, calm and confidence.

That's what this requires from the opposition. Too often the Conservatives come off hysterical at every turn.

This obfuscating, lying, manipulating, on the part of the Liberals is business as usual. It happens all the time. Any over-the-top rhetoric just adds to the illusion that this is an anomaly for them. It isn't. This is how they work. It's how they've always worked.

New generation, that's all.



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