Thursday, February 28, 2019

Pattern of behaviour unbecoming a Prime Minister

Whether it's physical interference (groping) or political interference (pressuring the AG to act in a manner that goes against both her conscience and her job description) women in Justin Trudeau's life always seem to get it wrong.

Harken back to last summer when our beloved PM was answering questions about allegations that he'd man-handled a young reporter many years ago... here's what he said:

'I am confident that I did not act inappropriately,' Trudeau says of groping allegation

"Part of this awakening we're having as a society, a long awaited realization, is that it's not just one side of the story that matters," he said. "That the same interactions can be experienced very differently from one person to the next.

Trudeau said he can only be responsible for his side of the interaction.

"A man experiences an interaction as benign or not inappropriate and a woman, particularly in a professional context, can experience it differently," he said. "And we have to expect that and reflect on that."
Fast-forward to yesterday after the testimony of fellow Liberal, former AG, Jody Wilson-Raybould regarding what she felt was sustained pressure by the PM, the PMO and various ministers of the Crown, to intervene in the handling of the prosecution of SNC-Lavalin: 
“I strongly maintain, as I have from the beginning, that I and my staff always acted appropriately and professionally. I therefore completely disagree with the former attorney general’s characterization of events,” Trudeau told reporters in Montreal on Wednesday evening, after Wilson-Raybould spent hours testifying in Ottawa.
The Prime Minister has proved himself incapable of good judgment on many levels. This is just another example of him expecting to get what he wants from a woman and reacting badly when it doesn't work out his way.

Jody Wilson-Raybould is a brave person. She has spoken "her truth" as Minister Freeland put it. Hopefully the country will realize that *the* truth is sometimes not a matter of perception. It's just the truth.


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