Friday, March 01, 2019

Silly woman

Just yesterday I reminded y'all of the quote by Dear Leader that said different people experience things differently ... blah, blah, blah. Well, Irwin Cotler must have that same PR coach Justin used last year:
Cotler said it's possible officials with the Prime Minister's Office, Privy Council Office and minister of finance didn't intend to exert inappropriate direction on Wilson-Raybould, but over time if felt like concentrated and sustained pressure.

During her testimony, Wilson-Raybould referred to it as "a barrage of people hounding me and my staff."

"I know this may sound somewhat, perhaps, speaking paradoxically when I say that both sides may be telling the truth, but that was my feeling that she was really telling it as she saw it, as she experienced it," said Cotler.

Honest, we only came to her dozens of times, reminded her of the stakes, suggested routes and avenues she should take, offered her a legal-eagle whose opinion would buffer her from any fallout once she did the wrong thing by INTERFERING. We talked about elections, the future -- but we didn't mean it to sway her, and definitely not to intimidate her -- it was all just FYI time, and time and time, and time again -- even after she'd made her position clear time, and time and time again. It's all in her head -- we don't know where her mind was. Silly woman. We would never have demoted her over this --- ooops.

And then we have Jat Sidhu (who has now apologized) who said:

Sidhu told The Abbotsford News the discussions about the prosecution of SNC-Lavalin were "normal" and that Wilson-Raybould was not a "team player."
"The way she's acting, I think she couldn't handle the stress. I think there's somebody else behind —maybe her father — pulling the strings," he said.

Seems to me Team Trudeau doesn't think much of its women.



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