Wednesday, October 03, 2018


Gerald Butts tweetsGreat news in BC yesterday. Congrats to everyone in governments past & present who worked for years on it. 
We can make big things happen in 🇨🇦especially when we put partisanship aside, and don’t let big energy projects become a political 🏈

So you can already see how it's going to go. Yesterday PMJT spoke at a Liberal fundraiser and prophesied that the upcoming election would be the nastiest Canada has ever seen. Of course, the Liberals won't be nasty. It will be those nasty Conservatives who are nasty. Remember how nasty they are? That's who will be nasty because of course they're racist and sexist and Donald Trump so nasty. But Liberals would never stoop to being nasty like they are. Never. Never in one breath would Liberals say they are taking the high road, and in the next, hope you don't notice they're on the low one. Never.

Butt's tweet applauding past governments shows a true and genuine desire to put principle and people above politics -- or else it foreshadows the smug, condescending tone they're going to take when the opposition parties do what they are paid to do- challenge, criticize, expose and OPPOSE.

We should be used to it by now -- the sweet as treacle smiles and platitudes, simultaneous with the barbs and insults. This sleight of tongue has been raised to an art-form and perfected by this latest incarnation of Liberals and sadly, the Conservative planners always fall into the trap. The groundwork is set, and all CPC has to do is avoid making snide comments and angry tweets -- you can oppose and challenge without being combative, but in our Twitterworld, everyone wants to get the dig in that will be re-tweeted and held up for posterity as *owning the libs* and in doing so, they might score points for said libs because they're being nasty.

Trudeau's record should stand on its own as a reason never to vote for him again, but despite provincial wins and federal failures, the electorate is volatile and I don't see Trudeau's mistakes sticking, particularly if Butts and crew play this game of slamming with a smile. They know the CPC well enough to know they'll *fight* back-- and then they can stand calmly, point and say *see?*

CPC strategists should be fine-tuning their message. Delivery is going to count.



Anonymous said...

Bozo already has called Conservatives ambulance chasers because they didn't agree with his highness

Canadianna said...

Haha I’m almost thinking maybe I needn’t worry, but I have a feeling all will be forgotten soon enough.