Monday, January 09, 2006

Who wants to turn us into the US?

Martin's attempt to enjoin Stephen Harper to pledge to remove the wicked 'notwithstanding clause' has got to be the most bizarre thing I've seen in politics in a long time.

My only guess here is that the Liberals know Martin is going down, and they just want it done and over with -- so they give him this wild, over the top idea -- tell him 'no, really Paul. It's a good idea. The churches have enough protection. This is a sure winner.' Then they push him out into the spotlight and wait for him to sing.

What else could it be? They can't seriously believe that anyone who is paying attention will buy that this is a well thought out plan. They can't seriously think that anyone who believes in democracy believes that unelected, unaccountable judges are the best people to have the final say on the Charter -- because the only answer to that is 'it's the American way' -- and Mr. Martin doesn't want to go down that road, does he?

There has been talk of a spy in the Liberal warroom, of angry Chretienites seeking revenge, of would-be successors, knives drawn -- that has to be what happened here. They conspired against poor Paul Martin to have him self-destruct on national television.

That, or Mr. Martin and the Liberals really don't appreciate the fundamentals of our democracy. We don't have the checks and balances that the Americans do. Not in terms of our second chamber and not when it comes to vetting our judges.

Strike another one for Mr. Democratic Deficit.

I can't help but think that someone in the Liberal camp is smiling tonight.



Bill said...

a Chretienite mole giving poor advice to PMPM? Could be.

Or maybe Team Martin is just really desperate.

Canadi-anna said...

I believe the latter, but the former is just way funnier.

TrustOnlyMulder said...

It was clearly his last ditch desperate effort.

Taking away our last bastion of protection from the interpretation of a Liberal laden court system?

Who's scary now Pauly boy?

Anna, you hit nail on the head. The notwithstanding clause would make us a judicial based system like the Americans. And as a Conservative Canadian, I can tell you Martin just shot him, and his hole campaign in the foot.

Someone is definately smiling in the Liberal warroom.

I am almost hoping there is no mole and that Harper's reaction was off the cuff because it was brilliantly presented and logically thought out. It would do wonders to his reputation with those who still have issues with him being our leader.

CanadianTruth said...

Removing the notwithstanding clause frightens me and just might show the Liberal's true agenda, to slowly turn Canada into a dictatorship. Paul Martin as Prime Minister wants the Power to Appoint a Supreme Authority in the land - free of parliamentary approval - that cannot be overruled by parliament.


Anonymous said...

I was not quite sure I had heard right at first, had to digest it - Martin baldly saying the Supreme Court must be the absolute authority and last word! Harper could have really torn him a new one on that one, what with the inisinuations about Harper "Americanizing" Canada. And all that blather about "values" - Feh. Dithers blustered and chewed the scenery, you could smell the ham - but he just looked and sounded desperate and especially nasty. Why, he was almost Chretienesque.

Rebecca said...

Just hearing Martin say the words, "Mr. Harper, will you join me..." brought about a pretty serious gag reflex. Bringing up constitutional reform now is not the rabbit in the hat the Liberals think it is. It's more like a long-in-the tooth stewed rabbit in a hat. Not appetizing at all.

Funny how Martin slams Harper for being appreciative of US policies and systems, and then turns around and wants to (as trustonlymulder says) turn us into a judicial, US style system. Martin confuses me. I think he confuses himself.

Jason Monteith said...

How ironic that Martin has repeatedly attacked the USA in his campaign and accused Harper of wanting to import "American" values into Canadian politics... yet this strange, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants suggestion to remove the notwithstanding clause from the Charter would result in more of an Americanization of the relationship between Parliament and the courts, as Harper astutely pointed out.

I think the sound you heard at that time was the death knell of Paul "Mr. Dithers" Martin's political career.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Well, it'll be some time before we know whether it's Paulie's idea or if it was a dumb idea given to him by a dumb Liberal advisor. Notwithstanding that, you may read my own criticism of the very idea and why it's stupid, undemocratic and dangerous here:

It was so unexpected, out-of-the-blue. Obviously it's proof that the Liberals have nothing to offer except extreme, bizarre and astonishingly risky ideas thrown out at the last minute in the hope it might do some good. It only reinforces the image of the Liberals as not only corrupt and worthless as government, but also as completely bereft of any really good ideas about which the average Canadian really cares.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Anonymous said:

"Dithers blustered and chewed the scenery, you could smell the ham - but he just looked and sounded desperate and especially nasty. Why, he was almost Chretienesque."

Actually, Dithering Paulie Librano makes Chretien seem graceful and eloquent in comparison.

That cannot help poor, pitiful Paulie Poopypants, can it?

Em said...

my lovely comment got eaten by the blogsphere....

what I said was that perhaps Martin really thinks that he can get away with changing Canada into a dictatorship. He said something to the effect that other parties can't make a difference in parlement yesterday (can anyone find the exact quote?) Maybe he's really so diluted as to think that he does rule Canada.

Junker said...

Keep in mind, it is the American left that places the most faith in their supreme court. The American Conservatives I know are very distrustful of that system.

Rather than an American thing, it might just be a Liberal thing, they're just forwarding their agenda anyway they can.

Mike said...

Yes Junker it would seem the Libs are trying to impose AMERICAN LIBERALISM on us!!!

Raging Ranter said...

Pulling election stunts for the camera using the Canadian Constitution as a prop is beyond pathetic. And Liberals say Harper is scary?

bob said...

Junker's right. It's a lefty thing, because they can't get majority support for their agenda.

Ken Breadner said...

I am a progressive-type conservative (socially liberal, except on crime) and I was going to vote for Harper before this campaign started. Now I can't imagine voting for anybody BUT Harper. He's run a campaign that's damn near flawless. And Martin's blowing chunks every day. Hmm, Paul, what's the point of Parliament? We could just be governed by judges, right?