Monday, January 09, 2006

What the Liberals are talking about . . .

I originally thought that the Liberals started in on the Conservatives' promise costing because they wanted to create a sense of fear, but then they shifted from 'he's going to raise taxes' to 'they'll create a deficit'. Both create fear, but if that had been the main intention they likely would have waited until after the debates so Harper wouldn't have so public a forum during which to answer.

No, they did this in order to draw the rest of the Tory platform out early. They figured Harper would react to their criticism by revealing the whole Conservative programme immediately, just to prove them wrong. Had he responded as they predicted, it would have prevented the daily announcements which bring the Tories positive attention and stop Liberal negativity from gaining traction.

Tonight will be interesting. Martin's handlers have managed to give him a couple of days to breathe with their attacks on the Conservative financial plans, so rather than being stuttery and sputtering the way he usually is when he's put in a corner, Paul Martin will be aggressive and on the offensive.

The format lends itself to being another debate about policy and ideas, which is to the Conservatives benefit. Martin can huff and puff and pantomime his vision all he wants, but the lack of substance will be apparent. He will steer everything away from what he plans to do, to what Harper would do, because the Liberals thought they could win without a platform.

The contrast between the Conservatives and the Liberals is stark. A visit to their websites shows them both, talking more about the Conservatives' platform than the Liberals'. As you look around, you find the Conservatives have all their issues laid out as they've been announced, complete with backgrounders, details and rationale. On the Liberal site you find vague promises with no elaboration, no processes set out to explain their exact intentions. As usual, they've relied on platitude over substance and fail to show any planning.

The best example of this is the Liberals' 'sure thing' -- the universal child care 'plan'. Where Harper recently detailed the Conservative plan to create 125,000 spaces, and the same information can be found on the Conservative web pages, tonight Martin will boast that the Liberals will create 250,000 daycare spaces. All anyone will have to do is ask him how they'll do that, and he'll be at a loss. There is no plan. There is no vision. That's why you won't find the Liberals talking about the Liberals on their website and in their ads.



Anonymous said...

Ya if they got Harper to blow his wad then the rest of the way wouldn't be catch up they'd jst spend the rest of the time pickin him apart and then the tories woudl have nothing new to say.

Raging Ranter said...

The way the Liberals are thrashing around now should really be the nail in their coffin. One day it's "Harper will slash taxes just like Harris did, which will force him to cut programs!" The next day it's "Harper will raise your taxes!" Well, he can't do both can he?

Another contradiction is when Martin responds with "that was ten years ago" when someone brings up the Options Canada investigation. Yet he constantly brings up the spectre of Mike Harris, the Reform Party, the Canadian Alliance et. al. Are we to forget the Liberals' past and remember the Conservative's past? Just because he wishes it were so? People have got to be catching on to this.

Ottawa Core said...

the hardest part of nailing the libs is that they aren't normal. viewing them from the lens of normalcy, as we all try to do, it's normal, doesn't actually bring any type of resolution since they work in completely foreign ways.

Junker said...

The Liberals record just seems like too much for them to escape. 12 long years in rule is quite some time.

Martin can attack Harper's proposals, which means very little. Harper on the other hand can attack a proven Liberal track record.

CanadianTruth said...

Makes Goodale look extremely incompetent:

increased revenue -
lower costs =
negative cash flow

Good catch maybe trying to get the rest of the Tory platform out before the debate.

ripplerock said...

Hoo Ya!

How much longer do you think it will be before we have to be worried about Martin picking up the sympathy vote? He's so pathetic now, a shell of man and I seriously think his mental capabilities have drastically been compromised. His blurting of the NWC in the middle of a debate on live TV took the cake. He is clearly losing it and is unfit to govern.

I look at people cheering at this rallies or defending his "policies" and I feel sorry for them. They have to know -- they have to -- in their hearts that the game is over and the emperor has no clothes. But they're either too polite or too afraid to look away.

Ottawa Core said...

junior slipped in the notwithstanding policy 12 minutes after opening announcements. on question 2 on governance and ethics when the moderator decided to pillory harper for the reform party coups (everyone jumped in) martin took the high road and threw the hail mary. harper was ready and handled it as if the mole was working just fine. how bout property rights? wanna debate now stutter boy?