Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Get a load of them

Back here I wondered how long before the Liberals went negative. I guessed they'd wait until after the debates were over. Drop the 's' and I pegged it.

I only mention because I seldom make predictions so I'm very happy to be correct.

What strikes me about each of the ads is their attempt to be just like us and use the common vernacular. When people who want to represent me and my interests attempt to speak my language, I resent the fact that they think I'm a dummy.
"No. We did not make that up. We're not allowed to make stuff up."

Do they think we're all eight?
"Wow. He's not even elected yet. And he's already running a deficit."

I like the 'yet' part, but gosh golly, the 'wow' is not necessary. If it's really a 'wow' situation, we'll think the 'wow'; they won't have to put it in for us.

Then there's:
"Seriously, that's what he said." And: "At least someone will be happy, eh?"

Seriously, they're just like us, eh?

I'm not shocked by the negativity of the ads; that was to be expected. What does surprise me is how pedantic they are. The attempt to give Harper a Hitleresque look in at least three of them (Diversity, Atlantic and one other) is just so juvenile. I bet they're still giggling.

The one they pulled about Stephen Harper using our military as his own toy soldiers was dazzling in its stupidity -- and contrary to what John Duffy tried to say on Countdown -- the ad was released. It was pulled back, but once they uploaded it to their website and circulated to the media, it's out there. Election campaigns use the media to gain free exposure for their ads. The fact that journalists questioned this one immediately gave the Liberals second thoughts about actually finding paid space for it, but it doesn't negate the fact that the ad was written, crafted, and distributed before anyone realised it just might be a tiny bit over the top.

Duffy tried to make the analogy of a draft of a memo. This was no draft. That ad was their magnum opus -- they'd have used it often and proudly if the media had remained impassive, but members of the press were disturbed by it's exploitation and portrayal of the military.

I've no doubt that some of this negative advertising might work, but these ads say a lot more about the Liberals than they do about Stephen Harper.



Canadian Sentinel said...

It must be said: the Liberals are children as far as their intellect and maturity are concerned.

There's good reason why children aren't allowed to vote and aren't allowed to run for office. It's because they aren't in a position to decide the direction the country shall take. They simply haven't learned the lessons necessary for the job, so that's why society makes them wait until they're older, increasing the chance that they'll make wiser decisions.

However, in the case of Liberals, as with most leftists, they haven't grown up. Therefore they have no business running the country.

The way these folks are regressing in terms of cerebrality, they'll before long begin to assume simian traits, and that we simply cannot have!

Time to send the big old kiddies home!

INP said...

The Liberals are not just people hungry for power. They are people who know in their hearts that only they have the right to run Canada. They are psychotic, delusional and will stop at nothing to hold onto power. It will be a pleasure to watch them implode under the weight of their own crapulance.

Tara said...

Don't you just hate her voice? It makes my skin crawl. It makes me think of the aunt that everybody in the family hates because she's a 'moral authority' know-it-all, and can't wait to tell you how you are WRONG about EVERYTHING.
And the drums? Give me a break.

Linda said...

but once they uploaded it to their website and circulated to the media, it's out there.

I'm glad you made that observation C. - I kept waiting for someone in the MSM to say it, but they seemed to skirt the issue - particularly some of the hardcore Liberal apologists at CBC - big surprise.

Tara - I agree on the voice - you almost expect her to add, "nya-nya-na-nya-nya!" at the end...

'Peg City Kid said...

So wait, how long was it exactly before the Conservatives started with there attack ads??

Oh, wait!!! It was the back in December!!!! And if I'm not mistaken, when the Liberals complained, harper said they should learn how to take it!!

Perfect example of the Consevatives glaring hipocrisy!!!

I'm really suprised you didn't pick up on that.

Les Mackenzie said...

Holy Shit! A troller! I've been looking for one of those for over a month!

PCK - show me the Conservative ad that suggested Paul Martin was going to turn the Canadian military into some sort of SS? Don't worry - I'll wait...

I can only remember one prime minister that declared martial law... What party did he belong to again?

Canadi-anna said...

Peg -- it isn't the fact that they're attack ads that I'm commenting on, it's the depth of stupidity of the ads.

My major concern is the one that portrays Harper as ready to impose martial law on Canada's cities.

The Conservative attack ads were lame because they said the same old, same old that everyone already knows about corruption-- but they were not personally damaging and did not attempt to exploit or discredit our military or any other respected and non-political Canadian institution.

Don't just do the knee-jerk 'conservative-bad' thing. It's boring.

TrustOnlyMulder said...

I bet they're still giggling.

I wonder if Scott Reid's pub bills (which we tax payers paid) weren't involved in the creation of these ads.

I can just see Scott Reid and John Duffy out at The Crown and Anchor or D'Arcy McGee's here in Ottawa, giggling away in a corner with a crayon and a napkin after hoisting a few.

ndp nadine said...

The Lib ads are indeed much more negative than the Conservative ads. I don't watch much television so I can't say if I've seen all the Conservative ads but it's hard to top an add with ominous drums in the background and a very effective voice over stating very scary facts about Harper, which he has never denied btw.

The Liberal campaign has been so desperate that they went beyond citing Harper's scary comments to something just outright wrong about military presence in cities. The Liberal's response to the backlash has been so sloppy, drawing attention away from the very legitimate concerns about Harper raised by the ads.

Now, I travel a lot through cyber space and I have yet to see on a Tory blog a reasonable response by Harper about things he said in his past. Referring to Martin's ships and professing patriotism isn't good enough for me or millions of other Canadians. What is his agenda exactly? Gordon O'Connor admitted on Mike Duffy that the Conservatives have no problem with missile defense. What's next, troops in Iraq? So I invite Conservative bloggers to try and sway me on Harper by addressing legitimate concerns raised by the Liberal ads. Issues like BMD, Iraq, his campaign contributions during the Alliance leadership race, social safety net, minority rights, friendship with the Republican and other right wing groups etc. And please don't resort to patriotism or hyperbole, I'd like concrete answers. RIght now, I'm quite scared and I know others are too!

Canadian Sentinel said...

Peg Kid:

The Tories aren't hypocritical.


They're telling the truth.

The Liberals are lying.


I didn't make this up.

Canadian Sentinel said...

NDP Nadine:

You're "scared" because you have allowed the NDP, the Liberals, the MSM, your friends and perhaps your family to tell you what to think.

Start asking yourself this each time they "tell" you something which isn't immediately confirmable by observation of reality: what proof have they given you to make you so convinced as to what they've been telling you?

The problem with leftists is that they believe that thinking what the supposedly "cool" or "in" crowd today (the left) tells them to think will mean they're smart and right.

You don't need their approval. All you need is to be able to trust yourself by seeking the truth relentlessly. Otherwise you'll be lost in the dark even though you won't realize it. You do feel confused sometimes, or betrayed, correct? That often happens because what you were told proves to have been false sometimes. Understand what I mean?

Open your mind. Listen and look for proof. Be individual. Don't be afraid to disagree with your peers. You owe it to yourself. You have a choice, so make it regardless of what others think.

It's time to become intellectually sovereign.

Good luck to you, Nadine.

Ken Breadner said...

Harper has said a few things, most of them quite some time ago, that are a tad hard to defend--even if they're 100% true (the remark that Canadian is a 'northern European welfare state in the worst sense of the term' springs to mind.) Again--true--or actually, Canada's worse, because in northern Europe, you can *see* where all those tax dollars go--but it's not the sort of thing you say out loud if you expect to be Prime Minister someday.
Then again, Harper has repeatedly said that his views have changed over ten years. I think it's great when a politician changes his/her mind on some things and has the strength to say so publically.
Those attack ads are disgusting. They aren't the worst I've seen--Jean Chretien's face was that--but they're certainly terrible...because at least half the crap in them is made up.
"We're not allowed to make things up"...*pukes*

King said...

Canadians are much smarter than Liberals give them credit for. These ads are transparently desparate, a joke really. And with them, the Liberals have shown that there is nothing they will not say or do, they'll lie till the end. And they have no problem sending out their minions pretending to be ordinary Canadians but are really Liberal Party hacks (*cough* peg city kid) to do their dirty work. Canadians have had enough of them.

Raging Ranter said...

There reference to the military patrolling cities with guns is a deliberate attempt to scare immigrants. Many immigrants in this country are here precisely because they were fleeing despotic regimes where soldiers with guns did, indeed patroll cities, and they used those guns too.

I just find it ironic that the party that self-righteously claims to be the only party that will protect "minorities" from the evil Stephen Harper would resort to manipulating and frightening that very same constituency.

And that woman's voice is so smug, so sarcastic and full of false indignation and phoney alarm, she absolutely makes my skin crawl.

CanadianTruth said...

Spread these links around! New negative ads, let's make them viral!

Or link to them from my blog:


PelaLusa said...

Forever and a day I will always remind Liberal Kool-Aid drinkers that the real hidden agenda was revealed by Paul Martin when he said that he wanted to remove the Notwithstanding clause. Anyone who doesn't realize HOW SCARY and HOW WRONG this is has clearly had their brain permanently damaged by too much of that proverbial Kool-Aid.

How on earth can ANY Canadian STILL vote for the Liberals? Don't like the Conservatives? Then vote for the NDP, vote for the Greens, but under what possible extension of common sense can one still vote for the current incarnation of the Liberal party?

Ripplerock said...

Again, a smart and accurate piece. I couldn't agree more about those ads talking down to us like a herd of sheep. That in itself is nearly as insulting as the slag upon our military and our citizens.

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