Monday, May 09, 2005

With Friends like These . . .

Ontario provincial Conservative leader John Tory, has taken the position that the Layton/Martin budget should be passed.

I was angry when Toronto's socialist mayor, David Miller, spoke out, 'warning' the Conservatives to pass the budget or else he would speak out more during a potential election campaign. But I am shocked and disappointed by John Tory's comments.

It is irresponsible and disrespectful for Tory to be questioning his federal counterparts. His statements lend credibility to Martin's defense of the budget, and undermine Harper and the Conservative party (apart from Belinda) has remained focused and united.

Ambition must have blurred this man's vision. His ill-timed comments will carry a lot of sway with soft conservatives. Tory is considered a moderate, and is respected here in Ontario. The Liberals will use Tory's comments at election time and the effect his statement could have on the Conservatives is immeasureable.

Silence would have been a better reaction if Tory disagrees with his federal counterparts, but he could have used this as an opportunity to point out the implausibility of the monies flowing to the province in the near future, regardless of what happens on Parliament Hill.

As we witness the jockeying, the glad-handing, the grandstanding, I become bitter. Is there not more at stake than money or power? Here's a link to last Friday's column in the Toronto Sun by John Derringer. It puts words to my lament.



Anonymous said...

I can't blame John Tory for playing the electorate. All the doom sayers are saying an election at this point will just yield another minority (or worse a liberal majority) - and I tend to agree.

I, in no way, support the Martin Liberals. I don't want them to win a majority (that they're poised to do at this point).

+ The electorate is in shock. The Liberals are actually doing something other than lining the pockets of lawyers, golf club owners and ad execs.


Canadi-anna said...

There won't be another provincial election for a couple of years, so he's safe. If he has federal aspirations, he's not scoring any points by shooting off his mouth.

Tory had the unique opportunity to give support to his federal counterpart, and not be judged for it at the polls any time soon.
Like I say, he is a moderate, and his endorsement of Harper (or even his silence) would have been preferable to siding with the enemy.
You're right though, the electorate must be in shock. There's no other explanation for the polling numbers (I don't like to think of that many people as just plain stupid.)

Matthew said...

The problem with John Tory isn't that he is a moderate; its that he cannot tolerate anyone (like Harper) who is actually conservative!

Canadi-anna said...

That's so true Matthew -- I hadn't thought about that. Arrogance is usually a Liberal trait;> it didn't occur to me to apply it here.

Shane said...

So, then he would be a Tory in name only? ;-)

Warwick said...

Give John Tory your views Here:

The feedback form is a little contradictory but it works.

I told him that his comment was unacceptable and that if he wanted our continuing support he will have to be more carefull.

Let him know how you feel as well (you can be angry but alway be polite.)

We are the ones who will be working on his behalf to elect him in the next election - IF he doesn't pull a Klein in the Fed. Elections. Without the party faithful, he is finished.

Canadi-anna said...

Thanks for the info. I'm going to head over there and give him what for. They need to know we're paying attention. I'll try to use my best manners ;).

Anonymous said...

I wonder why the article didn't give a direct quote from Tory about him wanting the budget to pass?

Sounds a little fishy to me - is there any video on this?


Canadi-anna said...

Yes, Les. I saw it first on City TV from Toronto. I went to their website ( because I would rather have had the video, but they didn't have the clip online. It was only after I saw it on TV, that I went to find a written link on it, and found the piece on the CBC website.

Anonymous said...

Sorry C, just asking. I don't trust the media skew ;)


Canadi-anna said...

Oh, no offense taken. I actually meant to mention that I saw Tory on TV saying it. I just was so angry I forgot everything I wanted to say.
I'm glad you mentioned it because you can't trust everything you read.

left town for good said...

Whose vision has been blurred by ambition? The leader who speaks honestly what he believes is best for the people he represents or the leader who speaks what is best for the party he represents?

Canadi-anna said...

Hi Peter -- there is no reality of the budget ever being implemented within the mandate of the Martin regime even if it lives until next January as Martin promised, therefore, advocating for it is disingenuous.
John Tory did not suggest the budget needed to be passed because he believed that the province and cities would receive that money, but because he did not want to appear to NOT want the money for the province.
This type of comment is not motivated by an interest in the people, it is motivated by appearance.
Much of the money offered in this deal with McGuinty is 'old' money. And a good portion of it is tied to conditions on the Layton deal -- it cannot be determined if these conditions have been met until late 2006 -- well after the time when Martin promised to call an election.
Last year's budget has not been implemented yet; even if this one is passed, it has no chance of starting the cash flowing 'now'.
So -- John Tory knows all this, and yet he still chooses to make public comments about passing the budget as though it's a realistic thing.
Perhaps I didn't go into enough detail in my original post to clarify, but I usually figure I'm writing to a conservative audience who already 'get' what I mean.
I appreciate your input.

Jason M said...

Good article by Derringer... thanks for linking to that.