Saturday, May 14, 2005

Signs of Change

The Globe says the Liberals are dropping "TEAM MARTIN" from their election signs, and removing the face of dear Leader.

The signs from last year's election have been scrapped. The new sign will be a straight-up, red-and-white sign that features the candidate's name in bold white print, but narcissist Martin doesn't have confidence that his candidates can be re-elected without him, so the words "Paul Martin's Liberals" appear on the top right corner.

The tight grip of power in the higher echelons of the Liberal party continues. Martin likely wanted the new slogan to differentiate between his Liberals and Chretien's Liberals -- but as Stephen Harper pointed out a few weeks back: "If one group of Liberals calls another group of Liberals 'liars' what difference does it make which group of Liberals we believe."

I'm kind of disappointed they aren't using the ones with Paul's face. I rather enjoyed seeing him adorned in devil's horns and goofy glasses.


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