Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Liberals Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks

The nastiness in the House has got everyone slamming the Conservatives.

CTVs headline is pretty non-partisan, but if you read the article: Grits accused of planning vote around sick MPs most of the quotes are by people like Tony Valeri, Paul Martin, Scott Brison, and even Jack Layton -- about the Conservatives making the accusation, rather than the distinct probability that its true. (Thanks to
905 Tory for the link).

I subscribe to the Liberal newsletter, and they released 'A Statement from the Prime Minister" which was verbatim what he said today at the press conference before Question Period. As his excuses for delaying a 'real' confidence vote, Martin said:

On May 17, voters in British Columbia will be going to the polls in a provincial election.Next Tuesday and Wednesday, I will be in Regina to welcome the Queen to Canada. On Thursday, May 19, I will be in Ottawa. And I am proposing that there be, on that day, a vote on the budget bill. This vote will be a matter of confidence.

It's already been pointed out by others that his itinery is irrelevant. There is nothing so gravely important in that list that the budget is somehow connected to it or could be affected by it. The only answer is what Harper and the Tories suggested -- the vote is being postponed because Martin is betting on at least one of the sick MPs being too sick to travel.

The indignation and sanctimonious bleating of the Liberals is disingenuous. They act offended -- Stephen Harper must be LOW to have even thought such a thing.

Had Martin thought May 19th was a good day for the budget vote, his letter would have said: We the government, believe there is business in the House that needs to be completed before the budget vote. We need to wait for the Veteran's Bill to clear Senate, and for the DNA bill to be rushed through the House and Senate. Both of these things will be expedited, but we believe, in order for the budget to have fair debate, a vote should be called no earlier than May 19th.

The letter doesn't say anything like that. It mentions no work that needs to be completed. It makes no reference to time for debate. It lays out Martin's itinerary for next week and says -- we're too busy to entertain the will of the people at the moment --we'll get back to you when we've time.

The Liberals made the mistake of genuinely wanting the vote when some Tories might be too sick to be there. Instead of offering reasons for their decision, they had to offer excuses -- because liars think up excuses. The reasons were there, and could easily have justified the delay. But they were lying. Paul Martin stood up in front of all of us and said -- we can't have a confidence vote now, I have to meet the Queen.

And now they stand there sputtering all offended. How could Stephen Harper accuse us of something so beastly . . . so reprehensible . . . so sleazy . . . how did he know?

He knew because it's so typical.



Anonymous said...
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Matthew said...

Looks like you've got some spamming on the comments...

Anyway, I wouldn't worry too much about Martin and his timetable. He knows he's going down and its looking more and more like he wants it this way too!

'Peg City Kid said...

This is nothing but a power grab by the Conservatives. Canadian are not idiots and can see right through Harper and his crap.

Let's just say for a moment that the worst happens and the Conservatives some how do win a minority. Do you think the Bloc will still back them? The Bloc is interested in nothing except what is good for Quebec.

The Conservatives won't last past the first confidence vote, which won't take long. Then we will have to go to the polls agian, and then who do you think will vote for the them?

Good luck anyway, though.

bob said...

"If a nation violates all accepted standards of responsible behaviour, the question is: do we, the international community, have a responsibility to protect – in this case, to protect a country’s people from their own government?"

--quote from Paul Martin on his visit to Washington, D.C., 29 April 2004

Since the Liberal Party government has violated all accepted standards of responsible behaviour, should the people of Canada now require protection?

(Canadianna, this is a post from my pay a visit, if you would, and tell me what you think.)

--Free Canada!

Canadi-anna said...

Matthew - If he is able to hold off until next week there is some question as to whether he'll go down -- these people who are sick, one is facing an operation next week. Martin knows this, hence the timing. It bothers me that he's exploiting their illness, and then acting all indignant because he's been caught.

'peg city kid -- if any of the Conservatives were interested in power, they'd have joined the Liberal party and guaranteed it.

Democracy is supposed to work the way the Conservatives and Bloc are trying to make it work-- Liberal attempts to thwart it aside.
Like it or not. Our system is set up so that the governing party can be removed within a minority Parliament, if the House has lost confidence in it. This has happened. The 'power grab' is from the Liberals. They are desperately trying to hold onto the reigns because they have forgotten -- the reigns don't belong to them, they belong to the people.
As for what happens should the Conservatives win a minority -- the Bloc and Conservatives have similar ideas on provincial/federal division of powers. Those ideas are based on the constitution, not a obsession with control as in the case of Paul Martin.
If you are saying we should keep a corrupt, rudderless regime in power because it's easier than what the consequences might be, then we have a lot more to be afraid of in this country than 'scary' Stephen Harper.
If your scenerio plays out, I will vote for them. By then all the scandal, corruption, lies and deceit of the past 12 years of Liberal hegemony will have been completely exposed and no excuses will be good enough. And then only those who wish to be deluded will vote Liberal for a long, long time.
BTW, I say all this as a former 'Young Liberal'.

Warwick said...

Liberalism is a desease. It sickens the mind.

There will be minority governments until Quebec leaves confederation which will happem (my guess) in 2008 a year after the next provincial election which the separatists will win. You can blame the federal Liberals for destroying the federalist optionin Cananada.

And Peg, just one other thing, if Canadians can "can see right through Harper and his crap" as you say, how come you Liberals and media types are Harping endlessly about the "scary hidden agenda"? Which is it?

Anonymous said...

Great post C, former young Liberal eh? Well I *gulp* voted for Chretien once since we're airing our dirty laundry...

The thought that I helped put that creep into power still haunts me. My blog shall bring me solace ;)


Steve said...

Some good arguments in your post. Chantal Hebert hit the nail on the head with her comment on The Journal last night to the effect that Martin is acting like he is doing us a, let me see if I can fit you into my schedule.

No doubt about it, these guys are desparate.

'Peg City Kid said...

Canadianna: Is that why the NDP joined with the liberals? Power? I don't know, but I think Jack Layton is a little bit smarter than to use that as a motivation to clinging onto a dying government, don't you? The NDP joined the government to make it work. From where I'm sitting it looks like the Conservative and the Bloc are the ones "thwarting" democracy. Shutting down the house two days in a row? While the taxpayers money pays their salary? Instead of working with the government? It's a good thing we have the Conservatives to enforce democracy.

When the House has lost confidence in the government, then the house will lose a confidence motion (i.e. the budget and not some pathetic attempt by Harper). This hasn't happened. Notice how people aren’t really all that upset by the Liberals ignoring these bills? I read the paper today, I didn’t see anything about it. Do you wonder why the Liberals voted with the conservatives to shutdown the house?

BTW, I'd sooner vote Green Party than Conservatives. Cheers

Warwick: I love that, "Liberalism is a disease. It sickens the mind", "Liberal and Media" types. You sound like a cowboy. I want someone like you governing my country.

Pull your head out of that bag, anti-federalist sediments have been around since the 60's. Ever hear of the FLQ? Their fight is with English Canada, not the Liberals. You’d be foolish to think otherwise.

Oh, and Warwick, their "scary" hidden agenda is power. You don’t think they’ll ever represent a majority of Canadians, do you?

Canadi-anna said...

'peg city kid -- you've a right to your own opinion, as misguided as it may be. Yes, the NDP did join with the Libs for power -- they thought they'd control the agenda, and for a little while it looked like they might. Now we know they were duped too.
All this talk from the PM about MPs being paid their salaries and should be working for it -- they are working. This is how democracy works. All dictatorships begin with a party that seizes power and then refuses to relinquish it. By calling an election last year, over a year before he needed to, Martin effectively seized power. And now he's refusing to relinquish it.
As for the comment 'there was nothing in the paper' -- a lack of reporting does not mean a lack of news.
And by all means, vote Green. I'd vote Green before I'd vote Liberal or NDP. They are a reasonable alternative. Anything but Liberal.

'Peg City Kid said...

I just take it as it comes, Canadianna. The facts are what guide my opinion. What guides yours?

Seriously, the fact that you just accused martin of trying to form a dictatorship seems a little paranio driven.

And exactly what is Harper trying to do? He's trying to grab power before his lead disappears?

Think about it.