Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Having watched the full half hour of *Taking on the Tyrant*, Chrystia Freeland's comments and conversation are fairly innocuous in and of themselves.

That said, the piece begins with ominous text and images of dictators and despots ... men like Donald Trump.

Say what you will about Trump -- go ahead. You're no one. Whether you have 1,000 followers on Twitter or a blog of your own, your voice about Trump doesn't matter. You aren't the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, appearing (with NAFTA talks ongoing) on stage after a video montage with that foreboding text interspersed with images and clips of the American President.

Chrystia Freeland has again, put her wokeness above her constituents. Her disrespect for Donald Trump has translated into disrespect for Canadians -- because it's on behalf of Canadians she is negotiating a trade deal. It's no secret that she's not well liked by the Americans and is there any wonder why? Her blatant slams against Trump show contempt for all of those who are working on this deal -- because they are there representing him, and the people of the United States -- at least a few of whom, voted for him.

The smugness of the Trudeau regime as they share their enlightenment with the world, is trying the patience of our most important trading partner, to our detriment. There is nothing to be gained by continually taunting Trump. Where is the dignity in the Trudeau government? Where is the diplomacy? Where is the maturity??

Trump is a manifestation of the frustration of the working class. He is their emissary -- their voice. Why are these so-called intellectuals not listening?

Be clever. Keep talking down to him. Keep flicking him like a gnat, taunting him. He'll squish you-- because he can. Does it make you feel good to know that you *told him*? This is not Hitler and this is not Nazi Germany -- for all the bullshit comparisons, no journalists are being arrested, no concentration camps built, no laws enacted to stifle the voice of the average American. He's a blowhard and he's playing you. And you think you're so brave. You're bravely talking away any semblance of a chance of a decent deal, since you already squandered the good faith in place prior to the G7.

You can show respect for someone without sucking up to them. Grown ups do it all the time. That's what diplomacy is. You'd think someone who won an award for it would know. People do it with their bosses and co-workers -- and it isn't about playing nice or pretending to like someone -- it's just not talking trash - being mature enough to keep your opinions to yourself if they are not helpful to the situation. It's about manners.

Whatever you think of Donald Trump, you are our representative when dealing with the US. If you show disdain and contempt for him, you are showing that same disdain and contempt for us - because the United States is our bread and butter...their trade feeds us. Don't shit where we have to eat.



Martin said...

No country was subjected to more vitriol and abuse from Donald Trump than Mexico, going all the way back to the electoral campaign. Yet the new President is able to pick up the phone and talk to the President, Mexico's negotiators have concluded a bilateral trade deal with US representatives. Meanwhile Freeland is frozen out of the White House, Trump will not meet with her, as for PM Trudeau, it is doubtful if Trump would accept his phone calls. As you say, one can show respect without sucking up, Mexico understands that. Trudeau and Freeland with a much stronger hand to play do not. Both have frittered away good will and diplomacy for scoring cheap juvenile points which play well on CBC or World media. But Canadian workers and citizens have to deal with reality, where our economy is irrevocably linked with US trade.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says-------------low class, no class liberals.

Anonymous said...

I've gotten to the point where I can't bear to listen nor look at Minister Freeland. The constant "ums" whenever she repeats the same talking points, saying absolutely nothing new about the NAFTA negotiations, really grate on my ears. Her wardrobe choices are also unimpressive. I know, I know ... it's 2018 and we women should not be judged on our appearance ... but surely what appears to be the same dress worn day after day ... she should het some pointers from her boss, who pays quite a lot of attention to his appearance.
-- Gabby in QC

Anonymous said...

Correction: "she should GET some pointers" not "het"

Addendum: "her boss, who pays quite a lot of attention to his appearance" and not much else.
-- Gabby in QC

Canadianna said...

That's true, Martin. We overestimated our value to the US under Trump.

Old white guy - indeed.. but this is so extreme as to be shocking.

Gabby - I found her literary allusions grating. She is pretentious and annoying but I guess considering her riding, that isn't a shock. And she really doesn't dress age appropriately, and people comment on both men and women in the public eye. She could definitely use some advice.

Jack Davies said...

Let them run, Jane. The more they screw this up the better the chance they will never see a second term and that is much to be desired.

Also, please remember anything they do now can be undone by the next administration, witness the Ford apocalypse now ongoing in Ontario, much to Ontario 'lefty' astonishment.

We can wait a year. It might even be less because Liberals are well known for firing underperforming leaders (think the Paul Martin/Jean Chretien years) and picking a last minute replacement in desperation as they call a snap election. Destroying trust in this gang of self serving political nitwits is "Item 1" on my agenda. I want to see the back of them, never to return for the remainder of my lifetime and if Canada has to take a bit of pain to make that happen so be it.

Our country will be far better off in the long run.

Canadianna said...

You know, Jack... I was pretty optimistic that you're right, and then I read John Ivison --Usually I'm cynical enough to pick on this kind of thing, Liberals Eye Potential Electoral Gains From Taking on the Tyrant Trump

I don't think they'll toss Trudeau. With the others, you saw the jockeying and the knives coming out. He's had a pretty easy road despite his missteps. Gotta wonder what he has on all of 'em.

Jack Davies said...

If they don't toss him that's even better. I really like the idea (laughing).

Canadianna said...

My fear is that there's a weak NDP and conservatives don't have anything really to counter. Scheer is a lightweight and Max is not organized, not sure if he can be. Makes me realize how important the outcome of that leadership race was, and how those who bought it have changed the possible outcome of the next election.