Sunday, September 09, 2018

What keeps you up at night?

In a province just reeling from a major blow to its economy, Justin Trudeau was asked by a reporter, "what keeps you up at night?"

His response:
“There’s a simplification and a dumbing-down of politics and a polarization and a fearful populism that really does worry me.”

I'm sure Albertans share that concern while they're scrambling to find other employment and pay their bills.

There is no one in public office I could ever imagine responding to such a question, at a time of crisis, in such an obtuse manner. This is a man who has never been kept up all night worrying about anything. He has no concept of paying a mortgage or a hydro bill, or putting gas in the car, or buying groceries --- or not being able to. He has no idea what it might mean to a family to lose a week's pay, let alone a position you believed would last years. Everything -- everything for these families has shattered -- nothing is on hold while they try to patch up their livelihoods-- and Trudeau muses about polarization and fearful populism.

Mr. Trudeau -- what do you think causes polarization and fearful populism?

Could it be the ignorance of the elite ruling class to the plights of the people they govern?

I won't even comment on his desire for Canada to fall into entropy.

This man would be a joke if he didn't have our economy, our resources and our social fabric in his hands for the ruination.

What an asshole. Canada really dumbed-down when we elected you.



Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoy reading your essays. You have an amazing ability to cut through all the noise and political correctness and say in plain language what most people are thinking. Thank you.

Canadianna said...

Thanks! :)

DaveS said...

if he wasn't such a joke we could laugh at him,, can't wait to see what he screws up next

Canadianna said...

It’s a scary thought, Dave.

Frances said...

Actually, as an Albertan, I do worry about the "simplification and dumbing down of politics". Why do I worry? It's because said simplification and dumbing down originates with our Prime Minister and his acolytes.

Canadianna said...

Lol -- too true, Frances... and yet look at the polls lately. 40%. Having Trump as an adversary is proving to be a bonus for Justin.

Anonymous said...

I have little concern for folks who have voted not just liberal but NDP and are complaining about their circumstances. Elections have consequences as does the constant bleet from the socialists for more, ever more from the already overburdened productive taxpayer, while working to shut down that which feeds them. OWG.

Canadianna said...

Exactly, OWG. Maybe when Alberta stops being able to pay and it all comes crashing down, maybe they'll get it.