Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Anyone else wonder . . .

. . . why they built all those crazy bike paths complete with traffic signals all through Toronto and presumably throughout surrounding areas?

When I first saw the paving begin in hydro fields in my area, I thought it was some stupid project started by the previous city council. Then . . . I noticed the signs *Action Plan* . . . which reads to me *government sponsored make-work project* and I realized it was the federal government . . . the supposedly CONSERVATIVE government of Canada.

I'm sure there must be some literature spelling out the great reasons for doing this . . . even if I could be bothered, I doubt there would be a good enough reason to have carved a multitude of adjoining bike paths which will likely be little-used and benefit no one.

Weird. I don't get it.



Russ Campbell said...

Agree, we have them here in Burlington also.

We also have more and more of them alongside regular roadways. Sometimes I count the number of cyclists I see as I drive by on shopping trips. SELDOM do I see as many as three. Seems as a lot of money to spend for so few.

Russ Campbell said...

P.S. Nice blog, BTW.

canadianna said...

Thanks, Russ.