Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Get 'em while they're young

When did kids stop being kids, and become nothing but future workers?

A new study says all children should be *entitled to early education from the age of two.*

Entitled -- all children ARE entitled to early education from the age of two. All parents are ALLOWED to place their children in Montessori nursery schools, daycares that provide more than just diaper changes and snacks . . . the choice exists already . . . so, what then, is the study suggesting?

The study says that children would benefit because their graduation levels, future earnings and health would be better. And lucky mothers would be able to enter the workforce faster, which would benefit the economy. From the Canadian Press article (title link):
The study said more children are involved in early education than ever before.

However, it noted the split between oversight and delivery still requires too many parents to piece together arrangements to cover their work schedules.

"The results are stressful for children and parents alike, but also negate the wonderful payback that comes from delivering early education in a way that simultaneously supports children's learning and their parents' work," it said.

*Simultaneously supports children's learning and their parents' work.*

What about bonding? What about family life? What about just being a kid?

This study is worrying because it's just sinister enough to spark all the enlightened lefties out there who already think the state is a better parent than parents.



Anonymous said...

yep, turn them into total morons even quicker.

Frances said...

Let's get one thing REALLY REALLY clear - parents are and MUST continue to be the primary teachers of their children. Forget 'educators' - the way people so title themselves act, it's just another word for 'brainwashing'.

Why this push for early institutionalization of children? That's the process used in seriously collective societies to minimize the parental influence and instill collective values. Is this what we want for our children?

Parents are and should remain the primary teachers, able to instill their values without repercussions from the state.