Sunday, October 02, 2011


Four days to the vote, and I remain undecided . . . not about which party to vote for, but rather, whether to vote at all.

The PC Party of Ontario had an opportunity here to live up to their *Changebook* and blow the stale and bloated Liberal government out of the water. Instead, I haven't even heard the word *Changebook* since maybe May or June? You pick up a few bits and pieces in the news over the weeks, like the fact that the PCs are prepared to maintain the status quo on many of the Liberal promises and screw ups. I'd have loved to hear something of the change that book might have planned . . . but I'm busy . . . I'm not interested in having to search out their agenda . . . this is election time . . . they should have told me. They haven't.

The Howarth ads are positive and engaging . . . appealing even to those of us have no inclination to vote for the NDP. There still hasn't been one positive, affirming PC ad. They're sticking with the anti-McGuinty ads . . . which are so off-putting that the Liberals don't seem to be bothering with ads at all anymore. Just watch the PC Party do the nasty, and the Liberals can sit back and know that the PC party operatives have failed in every possible way. They might have convinced many voters not to vote for Dalton, but they've done absolutely nothing to convince us to vote for them.

There are a number of things that might have lured me to the voting booth . . . cancelling all-day kindergarten, or if that's too radical, repealing the Health Care Premium. They could've told us their plan for newcomers to Ontario, rather than screaming about the ill-conceived Liberal one. What are their plans for post-secondary students? How do they intend to create jobs? What will they do about the Samsung deal?

The PC Party is hoping that we'd hate Dalton McGuinty and the Liberals enough to vote for them by default. That isn't the way it works. People might not like the status quo, but many are content to accept the devil they know . . . and those who'd rather vote for change will look for it somewhere positive, especially in these low economic times.

I see a pretty big increase for the NDP this Thursday. If voters are going to choose change because they hate the party in power, many might see Horwath as the only option available in the absence of anything positive from Hudak.

Sad really. This was his to win.



Anonymous said...

i am of a similar mind and can't decide. i would vote for anyone who says they will cut the cost and size of government but no one has. those that have in the past have not followed through. we are slowly being crushed under the weight of government and the debt they have created.

Martin said...

To decide not to vote, or vote for NDP, is to guarantee the chaos and spending of a minority government with NDP near the levers of finance.
Ont. cannot afford more years of Dalton McGuinty, or worse a Lib-NDP arrangement. Do you not remmember Preimier Bob Rae?

Anonymous said...

Easy decision.

Park your vote with the Freedom Party of Ontario. Obviously it's a protest vote, but one which the PC party will know used to belong to them. Hudak needs to know how many conservative votes he lost with his pathetic campaign and pathetic platform.

Anonymous said...

I think what you have written is very unfair. Tim Hudak will make a far better government than NDP or Liberal. Why not give him a chance?

canadianna said...

I'd make a far better government than Dalton McGuinty or the NDP, why not give me a chance?
Because I'm not voting for *NOT DALTON* . . . how do you know that Hudak will do better at running a government . . . he's scarcely managed to run a campaign.
I wanted a reason to vote PC. I lean right. If they can't convince me, how do they expect to pull votes from the perpetually undecided column.
Don't shoot the messenger. The PC Party has only itself to blame.

Anonymous said...