Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ooohhhh . . . now I get it

See the new PC ad? Finally . . . NOW I get it . . .
"Dalton McGuinty, higher taxes . . . lost jobs
Tim Hudak, lower taxes . . . new jobs"
Wow! What an informative ad. So inspiring. So unique. So convincing. Finally, the PC war room is getting the point across . . .
Dalton bad.

Tim good.
Now we know. Now I feel like an informed citizen.

Thank you PC Party, for giving me a solid reason to vote.

(Btw, do you think maybe you could give me an ad where you DON'T mention Dalton McGuinty? Just one? And maybe you could actually say HOW you'd lower taxes and HOW you'd create jobs ... too much to ask? If it is, then maybe the trek to the voting booth is just a bit too much to ask of me, if this is all you have to offer).

Also, *sneaky eco-tax* was more fun than *under-handed eco-tax* so the one cool thing you had in your ads, you dropped. What are you thinking??



Foxtrot Bravo said...

Well said. The PC ads offends one's intelligence to the point that I may very well not bother showing up on election day to vote. If they can't do any better then that before the election, they probably would't do any better after

Anonymous said...

if you depend on MSM and ads then maybe you should not vote
uninformed voters have resulted in 8 years of Dalton McGuinty
we cannot afford 4 years more
don't hesitate to research for yourself the platforms of all party's before voting
my vote is for the PC party lead by an intelligent strong Leader Tim Hudak

Anonymous said...

The first comment on this page is brought to you by the Working Families Coalition, i.e. THE UNIONIZED SHILL FROM MCGUINTY. Please ignore.

Blame Crash said...

Didn't you also trash talk the Federal Conservatives during the election they won a majority?

canadianna said...

Trash talk? I call them as I see them. If I'm critical of a party or a campaign it's because I'm not blindly partisan. If someone wants my good opinion or my vote, they're going to have to earn it. How weird is that, eh?