Sunday, May 01, 2011

Why is Jack a HOAG?

Jack, he's the mack? So says Warren Kinsella, who has all the answers--- yet again. He knows why all you average guys and gals are in a Layton-lovefest. Turns out, Layton's a cool guy -- in Warren-speak a *HOAG* (helluvaguy) --the kind you'd swig beers with at a tailgate -- because of course, that's what we *average* Canadians are all about.

Funny, I don't see it. Jack is personable enough, but if you ask me, he's the kind of guy who'd have been a geek in high school, not someone you'd want to hang out with if you were cool. Not that geek is a bad thing in my mind. I wasn't cool and I did hang out with the geeks -- but let's not pretend he's a major hockey nut or that you'd find him right down there getting into the UFC stuff that's going on now. Jack Layton is anything but the average Joe. What he is, is an elite who passes. And the only reason he passes is because he is so well versed in the game.

Kinsella attacks Harper again as the angry man. Did any of you see that in this campaign? Seriously -- partisanship aside. Harper seemed innocuous to me. Bland, calm and as Kinsella said, uninspiring -- but hardly "an angry guy who doesn’t like the country, let alone the people who live in it." .... where'd that come from besides Kinsella's obvious bias?

I remember the Harper they called angry. Weren't you angry at the Sponsorship scandal and the Liberal sense of entitlement? Wouldn't you be more angry if the media then focused on your anger than the obvious waste, mismanagement and possible corruption within the sitting government. And then to be consistently accused of the *hidden agenda* fiction .... Defending against lies and innuendo makes most people come off as angry. As for *disliking the country (and) the people who live in it* --Harper has endured so many vicious character assaults from the media he must love his country and want to serve its people if he's able to suck it up and take it the way he has, because unlike Jack, Harper wasn't born to this.

The truth is, that Layton is a huckster-extraordinaire . . . the carnival barker . . . the lifelong politician who knows how to shill and Harper is that *regular guy* -- the guy who gets frustrated with the stupidity of people who will ask the same question three times in order to get the answer they prefer. Aren't you that kind of guy? Aren't you the kind of guy who shakes your head at the dramedy of politics? Wouldn't you find it hard to play that popularity contest game?

Anyway, what gets me is these puffed up Liberals who see us as a nation of donut eaters and beer swillers who'd use the same reasoning to chose our government, as we would to choose our drinking buddies. Way to under estimate your fellow citizens, Warren. Who was it that dislikes the people of this country?

Warren? He's gettin' borin'.



Anonymous said...

Kinsella was convinced Iggy would win this thing.

Nuf said.

Bec said...

It's astonishing how a beer drinkin' smilin' Jack is cool when he's a Socialist.

If this was a beer drinkin' smilin' entrepreneur from Alberta, he'd be a selfish redneck according to these guys. Thanks for the national disunity, Team Left! (sarc)

DON'T TRUST JACK! Behind that smile is a chaotic agenda!

Anonymous said...

I always had the impression that Jack tries to imitate a Huey Long, Barack Obama type politician. Trouble is he comes off as corny, like he should go back to acting school. He makes Joe Biden look like a Churchill. He belongs on Gilligan's island or the CBC. I'm just a blue collar guy and I would never enjoy having a beer with Jack.

Joe said...

If I drank beer Jack would be the last person I would ask to join me. Anyone that full of himself I do not enjoy being with. On the other hand I would like to spend an afternoon with PM Harper. Ignatieff comes across as being too condescending for my taste so he would end up on the same do not invite list as Layton.

Anonymous said...

Now that is rich, Kinsella accusing PM Harper of being "an angry man", especially considering Kinsella's numerous complaints to the CHRC and his lawfare against anyone exposing his actions.

Doug said...

Because you keep hearing something in the MSM doesn't make it so. These are talking points that a lot of people (generally known as followers) seem to accept (power of suggestion) so to speak. On a personal note I think Layton is about as slippery as they come and not someone I'd care to have a beer with.

Stephen Harper on the other hand is a "Man's Man" whom I'm very proud to have had and hopefully have again as Prime Minister.The media refers to his leadership qualities as being cold and controlling and because he thinks carefully before he speaks, he's referred to as being stiff. That's just pure nonsense but as you can see, said often enough it eventually sticks. Well let me just say this....I can't think of anyone else I'd rather have a beer with. So here's one for the finest Prime Minister we've ever had.

Neo Conservative said...

look... you've really gotta hand it to jacko... he gets outed for being caught butt-nekkid in a freakin' brothel... and still manages to take iggy's job away.

that's some trick... outside of quebec anyway.

as far as hoisting a few beers... i'm thinkin' i'd make damn sure he washed his hands before i let him hand me anything.