Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another Tory endorsement

This time, from the Toronto Star.

When The Star turns orange, there could be no better sign that the Conservatives are the best party to govern. The formerly scarlet paper has twisted crowbars into pretzels to sell the idea that smiling Jack deserves your vote.

This is not a shock, but the truth is, I'm kinda disappointed. I thought that despite the crash and burn of the Liberal party, its very own little rag would be able to find a way to stay red. I figured maybe they'd pull the Time Man of the Year cop out ... you remember the year when the winner was *you* ... I thought the Star'd set out a little blurb about the evils of each party, focussing tightly on Harper whilst treading ever so lightly on Ignatieff and then say something like . . . so hold your nose and vote . . . but only you can decide which party's policies/behaviour horrify you least.

But no. They took the high road. At least, I figure they must be high . . . how else can they justify this radical piece of advice that would lurch the nation so far to the left it would become a socialist wasteland.

Okay. That's hyperbole, but come on, if The Star can keep a straight face and endorse Layton, don't expect me to keep a straight face.
What a joke The Star is. And what a HUGE waste of paper. Literally.



CJ said...

Astonishing. I always thought the Red Star was the Official Organ of the Libs.

Alain said...

What is most astonishing is that they are so blinded by their hatred of PM Harper and the CPC, that they are willing to promote a party that would quickly turn us into just another banana republic economically. Talking about cutting your nose off to spite your face.

Anonymous said...

This could be a good thing - it might finally force their readership to evaluate why they are purchasing such a product.
Watch their circulation numbers in the months to come.

Top Can said...

Well, CJ. If even your official organ abandons you, then you truly are dead in the water. A blue Liberal like me only needs that to justify a vote for Harper and a majority government.

Anonymous said...

Actually the Star is helping Harper in the GTA. Many dumb as hammers in a bag, Liberal voters will do what the Red Star says and vote for Jack tomorrow. That will cause Liberals to lose seats in the region. (real conservative)