Sunday, October 26, 2008

Never again

Never again. When you hear those words, it evokes an image doesn't it?

For me, the image is of holocaust survivors or soldiers. I've heard survivors say it defiantly and I've heard veterans utter it wistfully. It's meant as a call for humanity after a period of genocide, violent social upheaval, war. It's a stark, simple phrase that manages to conjure images of the brutality that mankind perpetrates on itself -- it is a reminder of carnage, it is a plea for change, it is a call for hope and a solemn promise to those who hear, that if enough of us believe those words, peace and freedom from oppression are possible.

Look who's co-opted the phrase and to whom they're referring.

Talk about classless. I thought Garth Turner was petulant and self-righteous. Boy, Stephane Dion makes Garth look positively humble and rational.

Character assassination? What did the Conservatives say about Stephane Dion but that his ideas were bad and that he wasn't a leader? Neither of these statements is subjective opinion-- Dion managed to prove that both were facts. And neither assertion attacks the man's character -- nope, but charges of 'liar' 'incompetent' 'cold' 'heartless' 'evil' 'quitter' 'mean' -- those are comments about character -- those charges and worse were made about Stephen Harper and either uttered or approved by Stephane Dion during the course of the campaign.

Poor Stephane -- not only is he a whining crybaby loser, he's also a myopic navel-gazing, hostile little bit of a man.

Oops. That was unkind. Maybe you should reach into your wallets and pull out some cash for the Liberals so that never again, will any Liberal leader ever have to face that kind of brutal, violent, shattering, soul destroying name-calling on a blog or anywhere else in this cruel world.



Raphael Alexander said...

Well said. This petulant whining about character assassination is ridiculous. 7 more months of Dion now.

anarchore said...

The Holohoax proves nothing but Zionist control over our country and our minds. Dresden was the real Holocaust, 25 million died in WWII but there is no 'tragedy' but the Jews... the Zionist Jews war resulted in the genocide of 1 million people in Iraq by the Zionists, but let's cry for the Jews who manage to foment genocide for others, yet no records of any Holocaust of Jews were found by the Red Cross, and the victims of Auschwitz were over-represented so much that they had to be downgraded several times. Big Jewry is a mind virus, totally deluding the majority who think they are just an ethnic group and not a criminal conspiracy.

Canadi-anna said...

My point is that the Conservative's treatment of Stephane Dion did not amount to a tragedy or make him a victim.
As for the Holocaust, you're welcome to your opinion. It appears you misread my post in order to spew it here, so now that you're done-- bye.

Bill Morran said...

Canadi-anna, I'm disappointed you left the filth of "anarchore" up. Did you check their website? "OMG! TEH JOOS DID 9/11". Paranoid, racist, bullshit. Probably run a Muslim

Canadi-anna said...

Bill, I did and I hear ya, but I also don't censor people here. I leave the comment up so whoever reads it can judge it for themselves.
Most people see it for the insane ranting that it is -- those who don't probably already felt that way anyway, so my having left it up is not influencing them.

anarchore said...

Bill, what do you think of the Mossad company VERINT having the contract for the Montreal Metro. A group with the slogan "by deception we wage war"... oh and if you were to check, VERINT had the contract for the 7/7 bombings that got Britain on side for the Zionist war, then lost the video of the 'Muslims'.

You think I'm a Muslim because I don't like Zionist terrorists? I could think of an ethnic origin explaining your opinions, but that is not how intelligent people debate things.

Why not try to refute an argument that they don't agree with, with a refutation, not an appeal to silence! And if you can't refute it, maybe it is YOUR worldview that is completely upside down, seeing that the brainwashed never know they are brainwashed, and a group that is promoting their Holocaust while simultaneously fomenting genocide all over the world(--you didn't hear that a million Iraqis have been killed in a war waged by the Zionist, Jewish dominated neocons?) is controlling the major media in Canada?

Truth is no defense-- is that really your belief?

Canadi-anna said...

anarachore -- you are becoming a bore. Bill's comment was directed to me, not you and knowing him personally, I can tell you that he can refute your arguments - no problem. He was talking casually to a friend, and therefore doesn't need to go into details because he wasn't trying to challenge your position -- he was challenging my decision to leave it up.
That said, twice now, you have used my post as a vehicle to assert opinions on a topic that has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the post in question, except to use the word Holocaust.
Once was enough. Twice - you're bugging me. I don't agree with you and I will not become an instrument of your twisted truth.
Disagree all you want -- on your own website -- those who wish to follow you there, will.
I went. I yawned. I'm done.

'Peg City Kid said...

I personally rather a whiney loser than an over-bearing arrogant fear-monger, who, in reality is much more of a cry baby then Stephen ever was. Not to mention he's completely paraniod and has a raging superiority complex.

Sorry, that was mean.