Thursday, December 08, 2005

Where have you been, lo these many years?

The way Paul Martin talks, you'd think that gun violence was a new phenomenon and that he was moving quickly to quell it before it got out of hand.

Newsflash, Mr. Prime Minister -- gun violence in Toronto is entrenched in the culture -- why? Because for years, the Liberal governments who might have done something to prevent its escalation, ignored it.

There is more to gun violence than guns. It's that simple. People who don't value human life, or who believe their needs trump the rights of another person to live -- these people will continue to exist and kill regardless of whether they can get a hand gun to do it. Does Mr. Martin think the criminals are going to come in and hand over their guns any faster than they 'registered' them?

The breakdown of families and core family values are far more important detering violence than banning a gun will ever be. Lynda Hurst wrote about this in the Toronto Star on the weekend and it's worth the read.

Today Martin announced tougher sentencing, great, but where have they been the past twelve years? If they were really serious, this would have been a preventive measure, rather than an attempt to stem the flow of blood on Toronto's streets. Besides, the Tories have already promised tougher sentences and given the track record of the Liberals, it's the Conservatives I would trust to follow through.

The Liberal Party is the party of the 'Faint Hope Clause', and the ineffective Young Offenders Act (since replaced by the Youth Criminal Justice Act -- also ineffective.) Their stance on crime seems to have been 'if we ignore it, maybe it will go away' and now suddenly, after playing ignorant for all this time -- they come riding into town, platitudes ablazin' and they're going to get tough on crime --as though it's someone else's fault that things have become this bad.

Maybe it's because so few Liberals live in the real world. They are beyond street crime, because their lives never meet the street. Their experience with our daily reality, ends when they close the newspaper. They don't fear drive by shootings or stray bullets in school yards. They don't fear letting their kids walk places, or travel alone because of perverts. They don't fear walking home from a bus stop after dark -- they will never be in circumstances where these kinds of things are issues.

Take away all the handguns. Drop them in the ocean. Is Toronto going to be any safer?

Gun violence is only one of the many life-destroying crimes that plague this country. What makes a society safe is the knowledge that our governing members refuse to accept certain behaviours. As a society, we have to show our intolerance for child molesters, murderers and other villains by locking them up and throwing away the key. A Liberal government will never do that.

Successive Liberal governments have shown their empathy lies with criminals, rather than victims. Whatever solutions they propose to combat crime are irrelevant -- because they are part of the problem.



INP said...

Don't be so tough on Martin. He's got a big plan. This week he bans hand guns. Next week he bans robbery, then murder. Then, just before Christmas, he invokes a total and complete ban on criminals. It's brilliant I tell you. Sensible, logical and doable. Thank god for the Liberals. No one could ever love us as much as they do.

Anonymous said...

We should ban Paul Martin and Liberals.

DazzlinDino said...

Heh...good one inp

The post I did today talk of Englands ban on handguns, and how crime has increased dramaticaly every year since it came into being. The criminals there are no longer fearful of breaking into houses when people are home, as they know they aren't armed. Violent crimes have increased the most, as these brazen a-holes break into occupied homes and terrorise the residents as they pilfer their belongings. Banning guns increases crimes, as now only the criminals are allowed to have guns....

Linda said...

And CBC - yes, CBC - actually said in their TV coverage tonite that in Virginia, where virtually anyone can apparently walk around with a handgun now, there has been no change in handgun crime since the laws were loosened.

Cyrano said...

Don't get too down about this one - I was reading some small 'l' liberals who think this is just as stupid as we do, including some who live close to the kind of violence that PM is feigning to address. We just need to link the impotence of the registry with the impotence of this announcement (and the natural link is PM's leadership impotence).

PelaLusa said...

Two Canadian women who haven't drank the Liberal Kool-Aid. I can't believe this. Kudos to you and Erin Airton!!!

Robert W.

Candace said...

Hey Robert, relax, there's more than two - don't forget me, Kate at SDA, Aizlynne... hmmm I know there are way more.

Brandon said...

If the Liberals didnt fear that they're about to have their asses handed to them in the 905 you wouldnt be hearing or seeing anything from them on crime.

They have no moral right to ponitificate to anyone on the issue.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Why should Canadians believe ANY of the things the Liberals promise? Those of us who care enough to be informed over the years know the Libs cannot be believed nor trusted.

Those who are blissfully ignorant of the real world and are stupid will naturally believe any damn thing Paulie M. tells them. I suspect there's quite a few folk like that in Toronto, which puts a lot of Libs into the House. And quite a large lot like that on the East Coast as well as in BC.

Canadian Sentinel said...

And, for the record, Paulie's idea of simply banning handguns and throwing millions all over the place in a claimed aim to win scumbag murderers over to the side of niceness is completely useless and will likely only make things worse, as they've become under the Liberal regime, without a doubt.

It's imperative the Conservatives be elected to do the right thing as the Liberals can only be counted on to destroy the country in as many ways as possible in their cynical bid to do anything at all without exception to stay in power.

That's the Liberal legacy: the impending end of the Canadian federation.

Debris Trail said...

Linda: CBC lied, there was a dramatic decrease in crime in Virginia, when carry permits were brought in. Every single state that has brought in concealed carry laws has had dramatic decreases in crime rates, especially murder, home invasion, rape, and assault.

Debris Trail said...

Having said that, I don't believe concealed carry makes sense in Canada, because outside a few burbs, Canada is a relatively peaceful place. I'll change my mind on that of course, if violent crime becomes more widespread.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Hmm... violent crime will become more widespread if law-abiding citizens are forbidden by law to defend themselves against those who mean them harm. Then those who cause harm will be emboldened and their numbers will increase under Liberal rule (they don't care about violent crime at all, same as they don't care about fighting terror except for image purposes).

I would feel better if I had a handgun for protection against muggings, murder or sodomy attempts while walking to my car from work at night as I sometimes do. I would not harm any innocent person, ever. It's only for protection. Conversely, the scumbags certainly would, which is why they have the guns. So it's perverse and dangerous for only scumbags to have guns and not law-abiding folk.

If good people had guns, then bad people would be afraid to rob, invade, rape or otherwise harm them lest they themselves get shot.

Perhaps that's an even more effective deterrent than just going to prison. Getting one's winky blown off is scarier than doing time. Think about it that way.