Friday, December 09, 2005

Announcement or Campaign Promise -- There is a Difference

Read these two quotes, keeping in mind that although Paul Martin is still Prime Minister, the government has been dissolved and we are in the midst of a hotly contested election campaign.

Audio Link: "That's why I'm here today on behalf of the people of Toronto, to thank the Prime Minister for his announcement and to thank the Attorney General for his announcement, because today's announcement will start getting those guns off the streets of Toronto (...) Mr. Prime Minister I could not think of a more important announcement for the people of Toronto than the banning of handguns, and I want to thank you for your leadership."
-- David Miller, Mayor of Toronto

Audio link: "Prime Minister, a handgun ban, you can count Ontario in! (...) Ontario supports a handgun ban and will work with the federal government to implement a handgun ban. . . and now with this information we will have the opportunity to have additional RCMP Officers to boost our law enforcement arsenal" --Michael Bryant, Attorney General of Ontario

The Prime Minister's promise to ban handguns is nothing compared the audacity of our Mayor and the Ontario Attorney General. They flanked Martin yesterday during his 'announcement' and did not simply endorse any old election promise, but rather, they welcomed the information -- and in the case of Miller -- did so on my behalf!!

The statements of Miller and Bryant are irresponsible. Given the staging of yesterday's event, an observer might be forgiven for believing that Paul Martin had the power to enact a handgun ban effective immediately by proclamation.

David Miller and Michael Bryant have overstepped their positions, not simply by endorsing a party and a candidate for Prime Minister -- but by attending a campaign speech in their respective roles of Mayor and Attorney General, and pretending a campaign promise is a major announcement of actual legislation.



Canadian Sentinel said...

Apparently "liberals" have no honor. They'll use any trick possible to manipulate the understanding and perception of the electorate. They're always willingly helped in doing so by the MSM who do basically the same thing. They seem to all be in it together. Is there any proof that they aren't, to counter all the evidence we've seen over the years that it's true?

Of course the electorate will believe that Paulie's declaration of intent to ban all handguns will do some good. But it won't, if, hypothetically it were implemented. Fact is, now the only handgun owners who'll have to surrender their pieces are law-abiding collectors, who are NOT the ones responsible for the gun violence gripping cities and towns from coast to coast to coast. Dammit, it's the criminal scumbag murderers on the streets who never register their illegal weapons who are responsible. Nothing Paulie has promised will do a bloody thing to reduce the mayhem stemming from these humanoid monsters.

Stupid "Liberals": they can't or won't understand that guns don't walk around by themselves shooting people. It takes people to use them to shoot people. Banning the guns won't make the guns go away. But banning the people who use them by locking said people up for a long time or for life (if having killed with the handgun) will certainly make a significant difference. I say, invest some of the surplus in building new, boring, uncomfortable prisons for the bad guys and gals who run around terrorizing us law-abiding, contributing, taxpaying citizens. The very people who vote, after all.

Justthinkin said...

I just announced that I'm banning all blogs, so I don't wanna come back here tomorrow and still see you around Canadianna!....ROTFLMAO

On a more serious note, just what is so hard for socialist Lieberals/supporters to understand that CRIMINALS don't give a rat's ass about how many stupid,money-sucking laws these clowns bring in?? So he wants a ban on illegal guns? Oh goodie. Let's make them double-illegal. Remind anybody of 2 other countries that did this? And I don't mean the U.K and Australia. I think we are beginning to see the true shade of red the Lieberals are flying.

Mitch said...

C'mon... let's not kid ourselves. They know who their political masters are, whose favour they must court in order to get a piece of Ottawa's largesse expropriated from the taxpayers. How can one not figure otherwise. The only way it could have been more honest would be to have the heads of the CBC, the Toronto Star, the Globe & Mail, CTV, and Global all on there too supporting it.

Junker said...

In my most recent blog post I've introduced a number of sweeping bans sure to save many lives.

I remember when people laughed when gun owners claimed a registery is an obvious step towards a ban. If we see this ban come it place, it will be a sad sad day indeed. Not just for freedom, but for common sense.

Anonymous said...

Worse than that, the Mayor and AG can't even claim ignorance, they made those statements infront of a Liberal campaign banner flanked by Liberal candidates.