Sunday, April 24, 2005

God's Country? Guess So, if Bono is God

We know only too well that our Foreign Policy is set by the UN.
And we know that our Social Policy is set by an appointed activist judiciary.
We also know that the bills passed by our parliament are subject to the scrutiny and approval of an unelected, unaccountable Senate ---
--- but did you know that it is GOD himself who set our foreign aid target?

You all know by now that supposed rock star/conscience of the world, Bono, is taking our beleaguered PM to task about his reneging on the deal they'd made at prior to the election last year. The laugh of it is this quote from Bono:

Not honouring commitments is like "renegotiating your deal with God downwards," he said.

I was none too impressed with Martin when he kissed up to Bono to make this agreement. (Don't get me wrong, foreign aid is not intrinsically a bad thing, I simply don't believe it ever gets to those for whom it's intended.) It just made me cringe to think of some outsider, a rock singer no less, felt fit to come over and tell us where our tax dollars should go and that our supreme leader was only too excited to let him.

Had I realised it was God himself the deal was made with . . .

Is there anyone more arrogant than a (L)iberal?
That's a rhetorical question, by the way.

canadianna, hoping for a better Canada


49erDweet said...

"Hoping" is fine, but usually ends up leaving the LLLs in power.

Oh, that my northern cousins could actually do something about it!

Should we send up Arnold?

PR said...

" God's Country? Guess So, if Bono is God" - Ha ha ha, that's priceless!

Canadi-anna said...

dweet, sometimes I'm surprised I can even find hope. You should read Mike Jenkinson from the Edmonton Sun today.

and thanks Peter. Love your site.

alsocanadian said...

Hey C-Anna, check out my Bono poll on my blog!
Like yours!

49erDweet said...

Thx, C-A for the hat-tip. Thoughtful reading.

"Who will save drowning Canada from the Liberals? Well, we've had the Reform party, the Canadian Alliance and now the Conservatives. The question is, does Canada want to be saved"?

Its sorta like the guy who was yelling for help 'cause he had fallen off a high ledge and was barely holding on to a shrub.

When he heard a voice saying, "Let go" he wanted to know "Who was there"?

Long pause -

"Can anybody else hear me"?

Can anybody else hear Canada?